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Flamenco sin Fronteras (Flamenco without Borders)


Flamenco sin Fronteras is an independent film project showing the deepest meaning of flamenco nowadays, in all its possible signs and beyond certain stereotypes . The feature documentary (and series in episodes that will follow) is the result of months of life and shooting in Andalusia, in southern Spain, starting at the end of 2012. The movie is a big picture made ​​of different strokes, an ensemble film in which over 50 main characters, through live music and personal testimonies, tell how they live the world of flamenco, in constant tension between roots and modernity. A journey of discovery made ​​of intense meetings in Jerez de La Frontera, Cadíz, Sevilla and other towns and villages of the surroundings, until also a travel to Pamplona. Artists and fans, Andalusian, Spanish and foreigners reveal themselves in various environments, from festivals to very intimate places, and at different times of the year, showing through their lives that flamenco is a living art without borders.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Filippo Ciardi Writers: Filippo Ciardi, with the collaboration of Stefano Liuzzo Producers: Filippo Ciardi Key cast: more than 50 charachters among flamenco artists and fans

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