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A man, Pietro, is shipwrecked in the middle of a nameless sea, in an undetermined time, on a boat that is not his own boat and that he can barely drive; the only company he has is a cat named Achab, he has few things to eat and little water to drink. Time passes slowly, characterised by silences and the absence of any other human being; even the on-board radio only broadcasts scratchy sounds and interference, which, during a night, are interrupted by a distant female voice singing a singsong. Pietro never gets off the boat and doesn’t enter the waters of the sea. When loneliness seems to be ineluctable, one morning he is awakened by the collision with another craft, on which he finds a man, older than him and moribund, who Pietro takes with him. Their relationship is strained and characterised by silences and suspicions, which increase when the old man, Giacomo, picks up from the sea a boy, Enea, who quickly comes into conflict with Pietro. Thus, the moment in which the violence reveals itself comes and it breaks the precarious equilibrium between the three men, until the escape of Pietro, who can’t, on the other hand, avoid coming back and facing with Giacomo, with his conscience.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Alessandro Quadretti
Writers: Alessandro Quadretti, Federico Bellini
Producers: Alessandro Quadretti
Key cast: Savino Paparella, Mario Tutti, Alberto Baraghini, Aferdita Arapi

Total votes: 1871

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