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Drop Out Bodies


In the silence and the monotony of a residential suburb, men and women standing in front of their houses start falling in a random and irrevocable way.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

A monotonous silence envelops a group of men and women who are each standing still in front of their houses in a residential area. As the camera moves among them, they fall, one by one, in a random pattern. Their collapses are clearly irrevocable. The movement of the performers from immobility to choreographed descents is a contemporary reinterpretation of the macabre dance of the Middle Ages. The film questions the fatality of the human body and our individual and collective responsibilities in our complex time.

Screenings / Awards: 

62e Salon de Montrouge 2017

Directed by: 
Ludivine Large-Bessette
Writing credits: 
Ludivine Large-Bessette
Aimée Lagrange, Yoann Hourcade, Sandra Savin, Uma Cafenne, Anne Quaderi, Ann Papoulis Adamovic, Simon Frenay, Sébastien Perrault, Anne Desdoigts, Rosa Carrier, Harold Savary, Agathe Cemin, Piersten Leirom, Quentin Moriot, Jorge Moré Calderon, Karine Girard, Jérémy Deglise, Marie Barbottin, Inés Hernández, Lou Cantor, Samuel Watts, Yohan Zeitoun, Cécilia Halâtre, France Attigui, Adrian Lestrat, Marie-Laure Caradec, Aymeline Lestrat, Matthieu Karmensky, Quentin Beaufils, Rémi Richaud, Achraf Lansari, Léonia Ouerghi-Kurzï, Isabelle Kurzï, Eraj Kohi, Claire Jenny, Camille Pichon, Paul Canestraro, Haruka Miyamoto, Côme Calmelet, Anna Konopska, Geneviève Favre Petroff, Agathe Favre Petroff
Produced by: 
LA.C Project
Music by: 
Mathieu Calmelet
Cinematography by: 
Simon Roche
Set Decoration by: 
Lara Hirzel, François Bonnot
Costume Design by: 
Fany Rousseau-Simon
Release Date: 
Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Total votes: 9140