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Daughter of an Ocean


Remembering the story of a fish, told by her mother, daughter discovers her mother's story was more than a mere tale, but a dream for her to live by.

3.04 Min


Information for the Audience: 

This film is an attempt on our side to understand what a freedom is and how this freedom gets snatched from you. Specially the freedom of a girl child.


Directed by: 
Kintan Chauhan
Writing credits: 
Kintan Chauhan
Monika Leigh Norcross, Suniti Gohil and Hannah Inouye Field
Produced by: 
Kintan Chauhan
Music by: 
Diana Martinez Munoz and Jose Gaviria Delgadillo
Cinematography by: 
Kintan Chauhan
Film Editing by: 
Kintan Chauhan and Khushnuma Savai
Other crew: 
Technical Directors: Ayan Akbar, Aditya Sharma and Bobby Osborne Animators: Bridget Underwood and Kintan Chauhan
Release Date: 
Saturday, August 23, 2014
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Total votes: 7027

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