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Dubbed a Dysfunctional Family Thriller at its 70th Festival de Cannes 2017 Short Film Corner Worldwide Release plus screening on its sixth (6) continent with Australia's Adelaide International Youth, in "Darkroom" an overbearing father finds his teenage son has transformed the basement of their New York townhouse into an amateur darkroom. There the boy develops gruesome and voyeuristic images from his late-night crime scene photography.

Until July 1, 2018 you can vote for “Darkroom’s” leading man as a CV Indie Film Award BEST ACTOR at

With only a glimpse of it during Superbowl 2018 halftime, the 2017 Academy Awards show opened with Justin Timberlake flanked by dancers busting #Do The Philip moves created in “Darkroom” father Phillip E. Walker’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling” official music video florist principal dancer performance.

8 minutes 44 seconds
Directed by: 
David Schell
Produced by: 
Walker Entertainer Academy
Official website: 
Total votes: 17237