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Como Se Voasse Para Casa (Flying Home)


After losing her mother, a child discovers a magical way of seeing the world. A fantasy story about love and self-acceptance of a father, from the whimsical and innocent perspective of his daughter on life.

Information for theatres: 

Title Spanish: "-0"
Тitle French: "-0"
Тitle Italian: "-0"
Тitle German: "-0"
Тitle Portuguese: "-0"
Subtitles: English
Recording format: 2K
Projection format: DCP
Screen format: 1:1,66
Colour: Color
Sound: Guile Martins
Script: Wesley, Gondim
Art: Carmen San Thiago e Rafael Toscano
Editing: Paula Santos
Animation: Cleber Martins
Music: André Vidal
Casting: -0
Sound editing: -0
Post production: -0
Selections: "-0"
Awards: -0

Total votes: 2629