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Chef Almeda


Once upon a time there was a chef on a big town having a small shop comer of a busy was not crowded all the time. But often he is getting some special orders. And he has some awesome collection of tasty food and some secret recipes. He doesn’t have to do much work so, he use to sleep all the day. Eventually one day, he got an order, it’s a special order where is using his special blends and it’s a unique recipe, so he was excited, he was thinking about what going to he turn on all the lights. He opens all the windows of the kitchen and start cooking his special blend. He is adding some special ingredients and special the food smells so testy. So a beggar walking on the street came near by his window and just looks at how chef was cooking this awesome suddenly that beggar steal the chef’s food and ran away. And chef was so upset; even he can’t imagine what’s happen out there. So he starts crying.

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