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"Cadena Perpetua" - "Life Sentence"


Dr. Gutierrez, a psychoanalyst, is called to evaluate Mauricio Sanchez, a young man in his early twenties,

accused of commiting a hideous crime against a minor.

As the interview progresses, Mauricio starts revealing part of his past that will change their lives forever,

taking the audience to a totally unexpected finale.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience:

Instagram: @alfredohuereca



Twitter:        @alfredohuereca



Screenings / Awards: 


- Jury Award, BEST SHORT FILM, FICTION, Vieques International Film Festival, Puerto Rico

- Jury Award, BEST SCREENPLAY, Vieques International Film Festival

- Jury Award, BEST SHORT FILM, FICTION, Emilio "Indio" Fernandez Festival Sin Fronteras, Mexico

- Jury Award, BEST PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER, Manhattan Film Festival, New York, NY, USA

- Jury Award, BEST CRIME-DRAMA, United Latino International Film Festival, Cleveland, OH, USA

- Jury Award, BEST SHORT FILM, FICTION, ELCO Film Festival, Venezuela

- Jury Award, PLATINUM AWARD, International Film Competition Film Festival, Indonesia

- Jury Award, BEST FOREING PROJECT, Central Florida Film Festival. Orlando, FL, USA

- Jury Award, VENEZOLANOS EN EL EXTRANJERO, ELCO Film Festival, Venezuela

- Jury Award, BEST SHORT FILM, SECOND PLACE, Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival, New York, NY, USA

Additional Screenings:

- Cannes International Film Festival (Short Film Corner)

- Festival Internacional de Cine de Viña del Mar, FICVIÑA, Chile

- 38 Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana, Cuba

- Orlando Film Festival, USA

- San Antonio Film Festival, San Antonio, Texas, USA

- MIRA Latino International Film Festival, Bonn, Germany

- Filmmaker International Film Festival, Spain

- Encuentros con el Cine Latinoamericano, Burdeos, France (March 2017)



Directed by: 
Jesus Alarcon
Writing credits: 
Alfredo Huereca
Alfredo Huereca - Doctor Gutierrez Moises Gonzalez - Mauricio Sanchez Julio Bracho - Dr. Maldonado Eugenio Sanchez - Young Mauricio
Produced by: 
Alfredo Huereca
Music by: 
Louis Febre
Cinematography by: 
Juansa Avalos
Film Editing by: 
Alexander Dondero
Casting by: 
Alfredo Huereca
Production Design by: 
Bruno Sangar
Costume Design by: 
Moises Gonzalez
Production Management: 
Jorge Guajardo Alejandra Vivas
Release Date: 
Thursday, December 22, 2016
Total votes: 12289