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BURKINABE RISING: the art of resistance in Burkina Faso

English subtitle: 


Screenings / Awards:


UNITED STATES / NEW YORK, NY, Best Documentary, Winter Films Awards, 2018

CROATIA / ZAGREB, Audience Award, Festival of Tolerance, 2018

BELGIUM / LEUVEN, UNESCO Special Award, Afrika Filmfestival, 2018

CANADA / Montreal, Special Mention, Vues d'Afrique, 2018

ITALY / Ischia, Best Documentary, 16th Ischia Film Festival, 2018

ITALY / Florence, Villa Romana Award, African Diaspora Cinema Festival, 2018

ITALY / San Vito, Human Rights Award, SiciliAmbiente Documentary Film Festival and Amnesty International Italia, 2018

CANADA / Western Quebec, Prix l’Entourelle, Festival du Cinéma des Femmes de Fort-Coulonge, 2018

UNITED STATES / Fairbanks, Alaska, Best Feature Length Documentary, MôTif Film Festival, 2018

GREECE / Symi, Best Documentary, Symi International Film Festival, 2018

ITALY / Bologna, Benedetto Senni Prize, Terra di Tutti Film Festival, 2018

CAPE VERDA / Praia, Best Feature Film Documentary, Plateau Festival Internacional de Cinema Praia Cabo Verde, 2018
INDIA / Shimla, Best Documentary (International), International Film Festival of Shimla, 2018

Burkinabè Rising Mentions:
EGYPT / LUXOR, Official Selection, Luxor African Film Festival, 2018

ITALY / FLORENCE, Official Selection, African Diaspora Cinema Festival, 2018

SPAIN / BILBAO, Official Selection, Festival Internacional de Cine Invisible, 2018

ZIMBABWE / Harare, Official Selection, International Images Film Festival for Women, 2018

BRAZIL / Sao Paulo, Official Selection, Mostra Livre de Cinema, 2018

ZIMBABWE / Harare, Official Selection, Zimbabwe International Film Festival, 2018

SPAIN / Zamora, Official Selection, Etnovideográfica Internacional Ethnographyc Festival, 2018

Directed by: 
Iara Lee
Produced by: 
Iara Lee
Music by: 
Mahdyar Aghajani
Cinematography by: 
Yeray Martin Perdomo
Film Editing by: 
Dimo Petkov
Release Date: 
Monday, January 1, 2018
Official website:
Total votes: 3541