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Breaking Legs


After the death of her mother, high school freshman Bloom moves in with her hapless uncle and feeble grandma where she must find her footing and adjust to life in a small town. A blossoming dancer, Bloom is determined to find an outlet for her passion, only to find there's nowhere to dance in this backwoods town - except the school dance team! Just when she's trying to blend in, the boyfriend of the team’s captain falls for her, catapulting Bloom into the spotlight against her soon-to-be arch nemesis, Harmony. Bloom will have to fight to win her place not only on the team but with her new hodge-podge family, even if she has to "break a leg".

Screenings / Awards: 

Festival Premiere:

Palm Beach International Film Festival

West Coast Premiere:

Dance with Films Festival

NY Premiere:

Hoboken Film Festival


Young Artist Awards - Best Actress, Feature Film (Liv Southard)

Young Entertainer Awards - Best Ensemble Cast (Liv Southard, William Leon, Sarah Rochelle, Alexa Sutherland, Aaron Landon, Kayley Stallings)



Total votes: 6712

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