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BLACKHEARTS follows three die hard black metal fans from Colombia, Iran and Greece as they risk their life, end up in jail and sell their soul to Satan as they pursue the dream of bringing their band to the unholy birthplace of black metal - Norway. Black metal emerged from the roots of heavy metal with a strong connection to Satanism in imagery and ideology. It grew to a worldwide phenomena as it got frontpage headlines through a series of murders, suicides and church burnings in Norway in the early 90ies. Fast forward to Norway today, black metal has left behind its criminal past, and is now securely established in the Norwegian music mainstream; topping album charts and guesting the late night talk-shows. But as the cradle of black metal, the image of Norway for foreign fans of this music is welded tight to the Satanism and murder headlines - attracting thousands of fans known as 'blackpackers' from around the world on a pilgrimage to the land of black metal. As the three main characters and their bands gets the opportunity to play a metal festival in Norway, the country of origin of the music that has formed their lives, we travel with them on this journey. BLACKHEARTS tells three very different personal stories unified by an extreme passion for black metal music and lifestyle, It does not examine black metal as a genre historically, but is an observational documentary about expectation, identity, dedication and desires. How far would you go for the music you love?

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Directors: Fredrik Horn Akselsen, Christian Falch Writers: Fredrik Horn Akselsen, Christian Falch Producers: Christian Falch Key cast:


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Student project: No Completion date: 2016-01-20 Shooting format: Red Aspect ratio: 1.85:1 Film color: Color First-time filmmaker: No

Total votes: 5134