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BKLYN 11211


Emptiness, love, loneliness, friendship, sex…, Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Zip Code: 11211… A road movie across the b-side of the most hipster neighbourghood in New York. A tale where dreams and miseries wander toguether trying to earn its piece of heaven on earth.
In this neighbourhood, a bride runaway across the streets dragging her useless white dress, the pizza boy can´t hide his obession with gorillas, a guy dressed as a green Santa Klaus haven´t received his shipment of green sockets and looks for sex on Internet, a girl wanders by Williamsburg´s bridge without a place to sleep, a boy wants to meet a boy, two girls come across each others… And in the corner, there is a laundromat where everybody ends…

Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Zac73dragon
Writers: Zac73dragon, Julieta Martín, Sergio Bastani
Producers: Jose Víctor Fuentes, David Sainz, Sergio Bastani
Key cast: Luifer Rodríguez, David Sainz, Alba Cabrera, Patricia Álvarez, Tomás Moreno, Chiara Betancor, Virginia Park, Armando Cabral


Information for theatres: 

Student project: No
Completion date: 2015-01-22
Shooting format: Digital
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Film color: Color
First-time filmmaker: No

Total votes: 1463