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A Big Love


Osvaldo Caforio is an old watchmaker. One morning, as he is getting ready to go renew his identity card, he looks over the watches that need to be repaired. He leaves home.Arrived at the civil register’s office, the attendant informs him that he can’t renew his identity card because, according to the electronic system, he’s dead. Osvaldo is at a loss and he doesn’t know what to do. The representative informs him that he has to follow protocol 25/A: he has to be reborn! And that’s exactly what happens. Osvaldo is reborn into the world and he finds himself in an infant’s body!


English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

all people ca watch A Big LOve ( 3-99)

Directed by: 
Max Chicco
Writing credits: 
Simona Rapello Max Chicco
Paolo Graziosi Alessia Olivetti Andrea Murchio Ettore Scarpa Franco Barbero Eugenio Gradabosco Carmelo Cancemi Simone Moretto Giulio Caterino Giulia Torta Daniela Freguglia
Produced by: 
Max Chicco and Meibi
Music by: 
Claudio Vernetti
Cinematography by: 
Vittorio Anelli
Film Editing by: 
Igor Mendolia
Costume Design by: 
Francesca Cibischino
Makeup Department: 
Simona Scalise Mariano Parisi
Production Management: 
Danilo Goglio Marcella Pizzi
Release Date: 
Friday, July 14, 2017
Official sites:
Total votes: 1755

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