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A young man Peter, lives a despertate life with his Mother Mary and her housband Stojan in one village of Serbia. Peter is born in Kosovo from a forbiden love between his Mother Mary and the young Albanian man, but for this he is not aware. Is the period of time when relations between Serbs and Albanians are inimical, exactly is the time of the beginning of war. Peter is forced by his mother and the others to go to war. He intend to escape the war and goes to the West. He is mobilized forcefully in one paramilitary unit in Kosova's war. Peter desert from the Kosovo war after killing his biological father and runs off with Maria. The two fall in love as they flee from both forces and Peter commits suicide when he learns Maria is half-sister.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

The film ‘Agnus Dei’ is putting upon the idea of myth repetition. The man as an fragile and hurtful human being, always is in a great loss. Even when he loves, when he’s got power or when he is depressed. And even in that time when he wants to escape from the evil, or when he goes straight towards it. Freighting desperately to have the power, ill mannered  in action, the man in the permanent behavior fights to dominate upon his mankind, selfish as ever even than when he builds his happiness upon the pain of the others. In reality the man always behaves in his vicious circle of repetition of destiny, the Oedipus in antiquity, or Peter in now days. 
Maria and Peter, mother and son, two faces of one medallion, two selfish creatures, who in continuity loves the same thing, even though one of them runs away from its destiny whereas the other goes straight towards his fate. Being conquered by love and hate, filled with a kind of demonic energy that goes beyond the reason and to resign oneself to one’s passion that is politically motivated, ethnically or ideologically.   In the different social-political phases during the period of transitory or during the war time, Maria and Peter remains unchangeable. Only the shape changes. The package of life. ‘Agnus Dei’ doesn’t pretend to change anything. It only goes easily sliding, full with passion and lyrical through the wild and cruel shapes of life in the dictature   of war. Being the witness of the destruction and loss. The disheveled individuality as an essential theory of life and destroyable family as on essential institution of civilization. In this manner, ‘Agnus Dei’ pretends to be transformed in one chronicle history of loss, upon the repetition of myth and the resurrection through the period of ages.
So, ‘Agnus Dei’ doesn’t attempt to change the imagination of what has happened. It pretends to tell the story of love and hate in two generations. Of all the sufferings and incapability, the willing for life even then when life appears impossible, of passion for loving and for being loved.  For passion of hate and the wickedness till the annihilation. ‘Agnus Dei’ doesn’t accuse, doesn’t prejudice, doesn’t incline, doesn’t have the political attempt or neither philosophical pretending. In fact, it shows life in the permanent war, the life that has taken the dimensions of myth and which is incapable to get out of the labyrinth of providence /not divine/ but human.


Screenings / Awards: 

              AGNUS  DEI  (Prizes)

1.       Best Film of the Festival - London Crystal Palace Film Festival, London 2013

2.       Best Feature Film-  Cannes Van d’Or - European Film Festival, London 2013

3.       Best Drama - Mexico International Film Festival, Rosarito 2013

4.       Best Feature Film - Ionian International Film Festival - Ionian, Greece 2013

5.       Special Jury Prize - California Film Festival, San Diego  2013

6.       Gold Prestige Award - The Prestige Film Festival - Eureka, California 2013

7.       Best Foreign Film - London Film Awards, London  2013

8.       Best Feature Film - Asia Pacific International Film Festival, Jakarta 2014

9.       Platinum Award - Asia Pacific International Film Festival, Jakarta 2014

10.   Honorable Mention Award - International Film Awards, Berlin  2013

11.   Best Foreign Language Film - Winter Film Festival, New York  2014

12.   Award of Merit - The Indie Fest - La Jolla, California 2014

13.   Best International Feature - World Film Festival, Jakarta 2014

14.   Best Film of the Festival  - Salento International Film Festival, Lecce  2014

15.   Best Narrative Feature - International Film Competition Festival, Kuala Lumpur 2014

16.   Overall Best Film -International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration & Equality, Jakarta 14

17.   Best Feature Film- International Film Festival for PIE, Jakarta 2014

18.   Award of Excellence  - International Film Festival for PIE, Jakarta 2014

19.   Best Film  - Dharamsala Free Spirit Film Festival, Dharamsala  2014

20.   Platinum Award - International Movie Award, Jakarta 2014

21.   Best Editing - Colorado International Film Festival, Colorado Springs 2014

22.   Second Prize – Feature Film - Baghdad International Film Festival, Baghdad 2014

23.   Best Feature Film - Filmmaker of the Year Film Festival, Jakarta 2014

24.   Platinum Award - Filmmaker of the Year Film Festival, Jakarta 2014

25.   Award of Excellence - Accolade Global Film Competition - La Jolla, USA 2014

26.   Best Feature Length Film - Back in the Box Competition Film Fest - LA, USA 2014

27.   Gold Winner Feature Film - International Independent Film Award , Encino 2015

28.   Best Editing - Mostra Internacional de Cinema da Amazônia - Manaus, Brasil 2015

29.   Award of Excellence - Canada International Film Festival - Vancouver, Canada 2015

30.   Best Picture Feature/ SM - Flathead Lake International Cinemafest  - Polson Montana

31.   Award of Excellence - San Francisco Film Award - San Francisco, USA 2015

32.   Best Drama Film – International Euro Film Festival – Marbella, Spain 2015

33.   Best Ensemble Cast -  Los Angeles Independent Film Festival – Los Angeles, USA 2015

34.   Special Jury Prize - Dea International Film Festival - Saranda, Albania 2014

35.   Audience Award – Prifilmfest - Prishtina, Kosova  2012

36.   Best Feature Film Director – Bare Bone International Film Festival – Muskogee, Ok - USA

37.   Best Feature Film Director – Cannes Underground Film Festival – Cannes, France 2015

38.   Van Gogh Award – Amsterdam Film Festival – Amsterdam, NL  2015

39.   Best Cinematography – Montreal CineFest -  Montreal, Canada 2015

40.   Best Director - Montreal CineFest -  Montreal, Canada 2015

41.   Best Feature Film - Montreal CineFest -  Montreal, Canada 2015

42.   Special Jury Prize – L.A. Neo Noir Film Festival – Los Angeles 2015

43.   Best International Film – Follow Your Dreams Film Festival – S. Diego 2015

44.    Main Prize / Founder’s Award – North Carolina Film Festival – Raleigh, NC 2015

45.   Best Screenplay Feature – MAC Film Festival – Manaus, Brazil 2015

46.   Best Supporting Actress – Maverick Movie Festival /Awards – Los Angeles 2015

47.   Best Feature Film – London Shows International Film Festival – London, UK 2015

48.   Best Feature Film – Legends of Hollywood Film Festival – Los Angeles, USA 2015

49.   Best Director - Legends of Hollywood Film Festival – Los Angeles, USA 2015

50.   Best Main Actress - Legends of Hollywood Film Festival – Los Angeles, USA 2015

51.   Best Feature Film – London Show International Film Festival – London, UK 2015

52.   Best Foreign Feature – IFA International Film Festival – Beverly Hills, USA 2015

53.   Best Cinematography – Hollywood Sky Film Festival – Los Angeles, USA 2015

54.   Best Feature Film – Hollywood Sky Film Festival – Los Angeles, USA 2015

55.   Best Main Actress – Delhi International Film Festival – New Delhi, India 2015

56.   Life Achievement Award – Toronto World Film Festival – Toronto 2016

57.   Best Visual Effects -  Atlas &Aires Film Festival – Boston 2016

58.   Best Makeup – Atlas & Aires Film Festival – Boston 2016

59.   Best Music – North Wales International Film Festival – North Wales 2016

60.   Best Director – North Wales International Film Festival – North Wales 2016

61.   Best Picture – North Wales International Film Festival – North Wales 2016

62.   Sir Edmund Hillary Award - Best Feature – Mountain Film Festival- Sierra Nevada

63.   Best Narrative Feature – Barcelona Planet Film Festival – Barcelona, Spain 2016

64.   Platinum Award Fame’us International Film Festival – Hollywood, USA 2016

65.   Best Cinematography – Hollywood Verge Film Festival – Burbank, California /2016/

66.   Best Feature Film - Hollywood Verge Film Festival – Burbank, California /2016/

67.   People Choice Award – Singapore International Film Festival – Singapore /2016/

68.   Best Director – Los Angeles World Film Festival – Los Angeles, USA /2016/

69.   Best International Film – Reykjavik International Film Festival – Reykjavik /2016/

70.   Best International Film - Chautauqua International Film Festival – Jamestown /2016/

71.   Best Director - Lake View International Film Festival – Ludhiana, India /2016/

72.   Awards of Recognition - Scandinavia International Film Festival – Helsinki  /2016/

73.   Best International Film – La Rioja International Film Festival -  Logroño /2016/

74.   Best Screenplay – La Rioja International Film Festival -  Logroño, Spain /2016/  

75.   Best Editing – La Rioja International Film Festival -  Logroño, Spain /2016/   

76.   Owerall Grand jury Award – Hong Kong World Film Festival – Hong Kong /2016/

77.   Best Feature Film – International New York Film Festival – New York /2016/

78.   Achievement Grand Prix Award – Cinema Grand Prix – Bali /2016/

79.   Best Director - Warszawa Indepnedent Film Festival - Warszawa /2017/

80.   Best Feature Film - Warszawa Independent Film Festival - Warszawa, Poland /2017/

81.   Best Feature Film - Lake View International Film Festival - Ludhiana, India /2017/

82.   Best Editing - Indian World Film Festival -  Hyderabad, India /2017/2017/

83.   Best Film of the Festival - London Cinematic International Film Festival - London, UK /2017/

84.   Best Director -  European Cinematography Awards - Warszawa, Poland /2017/

85.   Best Foreign Film – Real Time International Film Festival – Lagos, Nigeria /2017/

86.   Best Director – Illinois Independent Film Festival - Chicago, USA /2017/

87.   Best Screenplay – Oniros Film Festival – Rome, Italy /2017/

88.   Best Feature Film – Top Indie Film Awards – Los Angeles, USA /2017/

89.   Best Feature Film / BST/ – Portugal International Film Fest – Porto /2017/1.      


Information for theatres: 

1.    MOVIE
a)    Movie title
Original:    AGNUS DEI         English:     AGNUS DEI         Web:  www.agnusdei-film .com                                                                             

b). Movie genre
Feature film:  Year of production:  2013      . Length: 111’ minutes          - 2316 meters        

c). Date of first public projection
First screening;   January 17, 2013       

d). Festivals /in official selection
1. Agnus Dei has been part of more than 120 International Film Festivals across the world.   


a)    Name of film producer
Producer: Agim Sopi                                                 Executive producer: Milazim Salihu

b)    Producing company
Name: AS Film Production – Prishtina
Address: Mirovica str. # 17 – 10 000 Prishtina – Kosovo
City:  Prishtina             Country:  Kosovo – Europe
Phone: +381 38 245 557    Fax: +381 38 244 234   E-mail: 


a)    Film director
Name: Agim Sopi
Place and date of birth: Prishtina – Kosovo (23.07.1956)
Adress: Mother Teresa str. # 21 –  10 000 Prishtina – Kosovo
Phone: +377 44 110 548    Fax: +381 38 244 238    E-mail: 

b) Authors                                                                        
b) Author of the original subject:  Agim Sopi
c) Script-writer:  Agim Sopi
d) Composer:  Mendi Mengjiqi
e) Director of photography:  Menduh Nushi
f) Set designer:  Afrim Gora
g) Editor:  Agron Vula

4.    CAST

1. Performer :  ASTRIT ALIHAJDARAJ               Character:  Peter
2. Performer:   DAFINA BERISHA                       Character:  Beautiful Maria
3. Performer:   ZAKLINA OSTIR                           Character:   Mother Maria
4. Performer:   ENVER PETROVCI                     Character:  Commander Vojvoda
5. Performer:   ÇUN LAJQI                                   Character:  Sergeant Vuk
6. Performer:   BISLIM MUÇAJ                             Character:  Din Sokojeva
7. Performer:   BLERIM GJOCI                            Character:  Mema   
8. Performer:   LUMNIE SOPI                               Character:  Mema’s wife


1.  Size for the screening movie:  35 mm  1:1,85  (24 images-second) or DCP
2.  Sound:  Dolby digital                                           

Intellect Pictures King Street West 100, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5A 4J3 Primary Contact: Pavel Pankov Phone: (347)-759-6139 Email: Skype: intellectpictures
Distribution budget: 
Not yet.
Directed by: 
Agim Sopi
Writing credits: 
AS Film Production
Astrit Alihajdaraj Zaklina Ostir Dafina Berisha Enver Petrovci Lumnie Sopi Çun Lajçi Bajrush Mjaku Blerim Gjoci
Produced by: 
Agim Sopi, Milazim Salihu
Music by: 
Mendi Mengjiqi
Cinematography by: 
Menduh Nushi
Film Editing by: 
Agron Vula
Production Design by: 
Afrim Gora
Art Direction by: 
Afrim Gora
Set Decoration by: 
Ejup Hyseni Uran Duli
Costume Design by: 
Samka Ferri
Makeup Department: 
Bujar Gjashta
Production Management: 
Valmira Hyseni
Other crew: 
Igor Popovski - Sound designer Marjan Spasovsky - Light Designer
Release Date: 
Sunday, January 19, 2014
Official website:
Total votes: 74302