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Bizzarro e Fantastico


The new Italian-language film from Writer/Director/Producer Kris Krainock; A Roman Everyman discovers a violently ill intruder on his sofa after returning from the market. Begrudgingly, the Everyman must nurse this stranger back to health before he can unearth the ominous man's true purpose for being there. Produced by Dylan Gallagher Edited & Colored by Bryan Paulson Starring Cosimo Tomaiuolo Roberto Guadagnoli Julie Zeno Roman Lafond "A supernatural comedy about a sumptuous Roman who must nurse an uninvited stranger back to health, but in the process he discovers his mysterious guest has otherworldly intentions -- a reminder that life is for the living. Or, as the Italian's say, 'It's sweet to do nothing.'"




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Directors: Kris Krainock Writers: Kris Krainock Producers: Dylan Gallagher Key cast:

Total votes: 21