Mein Vater - A Journey

I don't know what it’s like to have a father. In this roadmovie-documentary I collect memories and stories about him.

Total votes: 352

A story about a german cop and two syrian brothers clashing in a small german town, trying to help their families.

Total votes: 299
The Forgotten War - San Gusme And The Theatre Of Remembrance

In 1944, toward the end of the Second World War, a group of women and children were massacred by German soldiers in a small Tuscan village.

Total votes: 782

Striving for a professional skiing career means you are going to be subjected to great pressure.

Total votes: 416
german bodies

Three generations of a german family suffer states of displacement for different reasons.

Total votes: 770
Nobody is home right now

The Sound of acoustic instruments and a male voice accompany the black screen, a greenishly shimmering neon light and an oddly lighted face.

Total votes: 184
Healing Places - Water & Welles

We are discovering secret places in the southwest of Germany. Places that have been special for thousands of years.

Total votes: 495
Pratersauna - The final round

Find out why worldknown DJs like Apparat, Kerri Chandler or Olivier Koletzki had a special relation to the nightlife scene in Vienna.

Total votes: 561
Breakdown in Tokyo

In the throes of an existential crisis, an aging director decides to travel to Japan to film the tour of his son’s rock-band, PEROPERO.

Total votes: 476

The story of an Iranian singer who has been far away from her homeland since many years ago, and is unable to remember anything but her childhood memories ar

Total votes: 363
MORITZ DANIEL OPPENHEIM (Director's cut -- extended version)

For the first time ever a documentary feature is dedicated to Moritz Daniel Oppenheim who made history being credited as ‘the first Jewish painter‘ as well a

Total votes: 349
CUT - One Year in Berlin and Two Hairdressers

One year in Berlin: Short notes and glimpses - taken each month during one year - involving two young female hairdressers, who lived in smaller cities in Ger

Total votes: 321
Van Riper

A young man overcomes his fear when he faces an annoying teenager.

Total votes: 236

Stella works early in the morning at a bar, till an unwanted stranger appears, which stella has to hide from her boss.

Total votes: 596

In three different living rooms parents and children are waiting for St Nicholas and Krampus.

Total votes: 338
Blue Window

Ljöscha confronts surprisingly grandfather to bring a repressed past to light.Lena paints her window blue, then Leo blue.Ljöscha sucht überraschend Großvater

Total votes: 322
Pillow case

This is not a making off, this is not a love song.The story of 3 years creation and loneliness...

Total votes: 347
Shakespeare's Last Order

Oberon and Titania, Lord and Lady Macbeth, Othello, Beatrice, Romeo and Juliet - an illustrious circle of spoiled and satiated characters, all known from Sha

Total votes: 281
Unbroken Ties

A few decades ago the Police in Dortmund closed the file on the case 'Schnitger', with the annotation: 'unsolved'.

Total votes: 258
The Forgotten Army

“The Forgotten Army” tells the story of former GDR (German Democratic Republic) soldiers, who nearly 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, still strugg

Total votes: 178

An evidently successful young business man is tortured one night by terrifying nightmares.

Total votes: 419
The Uncertainty Has Settled

A controversial documentary about Climate Change, Politics and Science.

Total votes: 252
Itchi - my path

The essay film ITCHI- MY PATH reveals the artistic world of Vera Dobroschke, her collaborations with Robert Wilson, and her life in a wheel chair.

Total votes: 325
Drawing Against Oblivion

The Austrian Artist Manfred Bockelmann has a mission:he wants to retrieve from oblivion the innumerable children who were murdered by the Nazis and then fade

Total votes: 558
To.Pas - A Ship in the Garden

60's Generation ‒ Michael, a mechanical wizard and Sabine, his very supportive wife ‒ want to build a boat to travel around the world.

Total votes: 264
This is a dog's world

A deeply moving and funny insider look into the world of Dog Breeding.

Total votes: 314
Crossing Fences

1974, a young East-German couple is desperate to leave their restricted, communist lives behind and attempts to escape into the West on a hand-made boat acro

Total votes: 525

People still feel save in Europe. But the situation is fragile and may change from one moment to another.In our movie the situation has already changed.

Total votes: 316
Welcome to Iceland

A Roadmovie on foot by Felix Tissi

Total votes: 199
Blockbuster - A Life in Moving Pictures

This is the life story of Vlado, born behind the Iron Curtain in Kuřim, in the former Czechoslovakia.

Total votes: 378
Among the Dead

“There is no need to fear the dead; it’s the living you should be scared of“At first glance Among the Dead is about the transience of life.

Total votes: 402
The Astronauts' Bodies

When his two mature children Anton (19) and Linda(19) start leaving the house, as they just have graduated from school, father Michael(55) stops taking care

Total votes: 344
WhatsApp message from beyond

3 Min. Shortfilm: Drama/ Mistery

Total votes: 521
MAXIMILIAN (English Version)

With an IQ of 149+, 13-year old Maximilian Janisch is Switzerlands most famous highly gifted child.

Total votes: 305

Der Befreiungsschlag aus familiärer Einengung führt Terese in die Kommune des Aktionskünstlers Otto Muehl.

Total votes: 379

„The dream ist he best proof oft he fact that we are not enclosed so firmly in ourskins as it seems.“ Christian Friedrich Hebbel

Total votes: 341

David (41) tries to cheat the death of his wife Evelyn (37) through the help of cryonics.When they wake up from cryo sleep in the far future, they find thems

Total votes: 1132

A man is heading ruthlessly towards his goal and loses connection to what he oncewas: A child!

Total votes: 207

The Hostage fetches Friedrich von Schillers ballad about a friendship beyond death tohighly topical today's Berlin.

Total votes: 318

Mikelis, a mathematician working for the European Union, is sitting in a hotelroom in Brussels, one day after his retirement.

Total votes: 259

After Elfie and her nerdy son August successfully proved themselves on their home webcam in MeTube 1, the odd pair venture onto the street to present the big

Total votes: 271

RAFAEL, member of the criminal organization LOTUS , has to finish one last job. On the way he meets YASMIN who is running away from her abusive husband.

Total votes: 303

Ten year old Jonas lives with his ill mother in a small two bedroom apartment. One day he watches from his window as a circus troupe passes by.

Total votes: 304

Tom is looking forward to a carefree school trip to Israel. Neither his teacher nor thetight schedule can spoil his mood.

Total votes: 229

Originating in the Parisian suburbs, Parkour is a “kinetic” art form that involves jumping walls and other obstacles in urban environments.

Total votes: 236

The film „Treppe Aufwaerts“ tells a three generation story: The fateful past of the grandfather and its dysfunctional impact on the life of his son and grand

Total votes: 296

JACOB, a nineyearold shy dreamer, falls instantly in love when MAILIN (11) and herfather move into the apartment across the yard.

Total votes: 320

Yaya, a pregnant white woman, has been attacked by two men. Her black friend Emeka had to witness everything without being able to help.

Total votes: 304


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