Twin Stars

In this short film, no matter how far apart they may fall from each other, stars represent the feeling of brotherhood.

Total votes: 317
The Barnabas Code

A former U.S.

Total votes: 208
Determined 2 Make It

Youth in the juvenile justice system search for ways to tell their stories through hip hop, visual arts and public murals.

Total votes: 251

A young conspiracy theorist must save a plane full of passengers from a virus he doesn't believe exists.

Total votes: 140
Stomping Ground

Shot guerilla-syle in 24 hours, Stomping Ground unfolds in real time during the aftermath of a random act of violence committed by a group of childhood frien

Total votes: 180
The Earth Below

A Jewish teenager survives in Nazi Europe by posing as a Polish Catholic and obtaining construction work for a German firm.

Total votes: 470

A woman who is trapped in a dangerous polygamous relationship, is desperate to fight for her love by playing the Mahjong game against other women, until she

Total votes: 210

A young priest in a rural parish of Ecuador decides to change his life and transforms itself into a version of his alter ego, Jackie Kennedy, discovering a h

Total votes: 3446
The Silver Ball

Tommy Lazurus is the Pinball Wizard.

Total votes: 286
'Spikes at Her Elbow'

An Asian woman engineering graduate struggles to find and keep a job in a white male dominated profession during the late 1970's.

Total votes: 196
The Age of Options

A son of Russian immigrants looking to define his identity while trying on different roles in the process.

Total votes: 121
Before Tomorrow

Five friends reconnect for one night before one of the group marries the following day.

Total votes: 194

In a world of cultural confusion and erroneous judgment, Habib bin Habib al Fulan pawns his last possesion and reconciles with his American wife.A suspensefu

Total votes: 235
Psychic Snakebite

A plane hijacking that follows the stories of passengers, criminals, flight attendants, and pilots aboard.

Total votes: 203
Last Date

A look at the realities and dreams of love. In a heartfelt piece about Lulu's Last Date with her love Curly.

Total votes: 156
The Sound of Feet

Documentary about Flávio Salles.

Total votes: 335
The Commitment

4 players in a heist game make an important transaction while not everybody is playing the same game.

Total votes: 341
Motel Champagne

Richie goes with an older woman to a motel to spend the night. He doesn't mention that he's also there to meet up with some associates for a drug deal.

Total votes: 167
A Visual Journey through Iran : Sistan&Baluchistan

'Sistan and Baluchistan' a south-eastern province in Iran, with vast lands of rugged, mountainous terrain, bordering the neighboring Pakistan and Afghanistan

Total votes: 147


Total votes: 235
Mink Eyes (2)

October 1986.

Total votes: 146
Echoes of Silence

Annamari (24) is a deaf girl excluded by her environment, who lives in self-denial, unable to accept her social situation, leading a double life out of rebel

Total votes: 664

A young actor's anxiety is aggravated by a series of absurd encounters.

Total votes: 194

Gemma has a gimp leg. Her best friend calls her Gimpsey - a crippling in-joke wearing thin.

Total votes: 218
Laura, Lost

Two friends enter an eerie forest to rescue a girl they suspect has been abducted by a sinister woodsman.

Total votes: 153
There I Go

A conflicted, lonely young man struggling with depression; goes out for one night in Los Angeles in search of hope.

Total votes: 189
The Eighth

Overwhelmed by subjective opinons in today's Hong Kong society, various moral standards have been weaponized for trampling on the minority group.A middle-age

Total votes: 844
Untitled Zombie Project

While filming a student film, a cast and crew of college students must navigate the chaos of a zombie apocalypse and struggle to realize they aren't prepared

Total votes: 174
Fisherman and the Fungus Man

During a rare angling trip to the countryside, a city boy stumbles across “uncle,” an old acquaintance whose pursuit of 'mythic mushrooms” he joins.

Total votes: 444
Bobby Ellis is Gonna Kick Your Ass

'Bobby Ellis' follows high school freshman Mark 'Fuckley' Buckley after he impulsively strikes out at a school bully (Bobby Ellis) and spends the day experie

Total votes: 163
Sugar Island

This project imagines a scenario in which white plantation owners in the 18th century are abducted and enslaved in a Caribbean island, providing a potential

Total votes: 189
In For A Penny

The sole witness to a teen suicide conceals the truth while searching for what led to the tragedy.

Total votes: 238
Fan Site

Sexy lesbian Danni Montgomery lives in abstinence with her ex - who still carries a torch for her - while Danni eyes a bisexual movie star and attempts to wo

Total votes: 118
Nightshades: Galileo

Music video for New York City band Nightshades - made up of Gabriel Gordon (Natalie Merchant's Band), Aaron Johnston (Brazilian Girls) and Jonathan Levy (Iza

Total votes: 172
Snarky Puppy Family Dinner Volume Two

In February of 2015 Grammy-award-winning band, Snarky Puppy, recorded a monumental album in front of a live studio audience with guest instrumentalists and v

Total votes: 217
Report about DEATH

Easy understanding description of death

Total votes: 840
Top Models are Deadly

The careers of a talent agent and a private detective are going in different directions and cross paths to prevent a murder.

Total votes: 280
The Park

When eighteen year old Rachel commits suicide, she isn't met by death. She ends up in a place called The Park, a purgatory with a purpose.

Total votes: 185

After a pool incident, a twelve-year old girl is forced to reconsider the object of her affection: a seventeen-year old neighbor.

Total votes: 189
The Prowler

The very talented writer, Matthew Arlidge, wrote the script for The Prowler.

Total votes: 193

Part exercise of passion, and part love letter, ‘Sisters’ is a fragment of some lost, tragic opera.

Total votes: 219
She Drives Me Crazy

A married woman starts an affair with a handsome stranger when she feels her marriage has turned boring; she devises a plan to end her marriage - a plan that

Total votes: 260

At the age of 5, girl's mother dies in a car accident. Ever since then, the girl closes herself within.

Total votes: 290
Henrietta's Odyssey

To find her parents, Henrietta pursues her astral roots accompanied by a scatty invertebrate who impersonates a boy, and a schizoid trickster who serves the

Total votes: 264

When Brooklynite Hillary gets dumped, she discovers karma and fate have a sense of humor.

Total votes: 257
Quest for Mihte Lugh

A cowardly fantasist dreams he is a superhero, until he and his siblings find themselves in Valhalla.

Total votes: 922

none please delete this entry

Total votes: 172

'HEART' is the story of a man and woman that fall in their deep and their freedom is connected to the love which will be ended by dead

Total votes: 588


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