Red String

An illegal Chinese immigrant wants to keep his last line of his privacy in a terrible restaurant where he work.

Total votes: 407

The story of a Mothers Love and the deep magic of love and creation. The truth of a life of illusion is revealed to Leo at his Mothers funeral.

Total votes: 184
Lake Effect

A New Jersey mother and her three daughters spend a week at a Wisconsin lake to escape the sobering realities of their individual lives. 

Total votes: 164


Total votes: 125
Spy High

A hopelessly romantic young teacher is on the verge of settling for a safe but unexciting job at Langley High School - just a mile from the CIA - when he is

Total votes: 313

Ernesto, a biologist who lives with his mother, spends his days teaching at the university and waiting for his chrysalis to grow.

Total votes: 430
Pear Cider and Cigarettes

The brutally honest story of Robert's turbulent relationship with a self-destructive, yet charismatic friend from childhood, who cries out for help from a mi

Total votes: 219
Thunder Head Clearing

In this seven-minute mix of realistic fine arts drawings and fantastical 3D animation backed by an original orchestral score, a gathering of strangers is dra

Total votes: 202
Road Kill

A childless couple struggles, as if lost in a tango, to celebrate their 7th anniversary at a Long Island resort during the annual Rose Moon.

Total votes: 203

Two young people make a date for a romantic evening.

Total votes: 339
Wish We Were Kids...

We human being try our best to be an adult. Where as the child inside us never dies.

Total votes: 275
Final Analysis

Dr. Jessica Richards has her last session with a particularly complicated case: LeannHenderson.

Total votes: 250

1969. Two teen girls encounter a family living on a movie ranch. Not any family. The Manson family.

Total votes: 232
The John

Two guys walk into a bar...

Total votes: 525
River's End

A visual and musical celebration of the Saint-Lawrence River.Une célébration visuelle et musicale du fleuve Saint-Laurent.

Total votes: 140
For a Better Life

A middle-age low-level gangster is ordered by the boss to take a young gambler to a gambling den near some seaside village.

Total votes: 816
The C Word

Director Meghan L.

Total votes: 102

Two enemy snipers stationed alone on different sides of aremote valley grow profoundly bored with war and trying tokill each other.

Total votes: 257
Backlash: The War on Human Rights

Violence against human rights defenders is not new, but this documentary looks beyond individual attacks to highlight the alarmingly concerted attack by the

Total votes: 561
The Last Cowboy

The Last Cowboy is a visual document captured on the paved highways through the windshield of an 18-wheeled big rig.

Total votes: 479
News Flash

An alternate speech was prepared in case of disaster of the moon landing.

Total votes: 110

I went on a road trip with a girl a barely knew.

Total votes: 161

a short movie

Total votes: 479

A friend’s untimely death sends six 30-somethings on a journey to confront her incomplete bucket list, finding that closure can't come until you crack open.D

Total votes: 224
Room 3

When Jessica becomes tormented by disturbing visions from a past life, she attempts a new experimental form of therapy.

Total votes: 248
Low Notes

Leon is a newcomer in gigantic Los Angeles, after he just broke up with Eva and left his past on the East Coast behind.

Total votes: 160
9 Months in the Bronx

Felicia is 22, she's from the Bronx and she's pregnant.

Total votes: 169
The Good Time Girls

By day, Sara and Marissa are regular working women in Bellingham, WA.

Total votes: 157
Feeling The Love From Nolan

When a humble waiter at an exclusive entertainment mixer runs into his cocky old film school rival, he is forced to engage in an increasingly outlandish ‘Bat

Total votes: 210

Joyce, a home-care provider is torn apart between her work and home life.

Total votes: 175
Death and Life

Journey into the rarely seen world of organ transplants and join a family that clings to hope as their father hangs on the edge of death, waiting to know if

Total votes: 131
Finding the Aj Goddard : A Tale of Modern Day Discovery

Doug Davidge spent 19 years and a small fortune hunting for the sunken wreck of the A.J. Goddard, a Gold Rush era sternwheeler.

Total votes: 185

A journey into the United Arab Emirates' past and how the leadership of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan planted love in the nation and the people regardless of their

Total votes: 699

An amazing musician rehearses for his major GIG.

Total votes: 130
Into The Ground

Mathieu & Samy, two frustrated teenagers decide to throw an extraordinary party in Paris Catacombs.

Total votes: 203
The Little Princess of Cebu

A 16 month old girl decides to leave America to become the self-appointed princess of Cebu, Philippines to escape capitalism.

Total votes: 475

Marla just wants to be Japanese.

Total votes: 293
The Early Hours

Nobody ever asks 'why' you do what you do.

Total votes: 172

Collaborator tells the story of a young soldier; who is trying to find his way home.

Total votes: 171
Hana - The Cozies

Music video for The Cozies' (Kansas City experimental band made up of Cole Ferguson and Lisa Murphy) song 'Hana' Footage shot for the video is apart of my up

Total votes: 153
Losing Touch

A German actor and filmmaker travels to Nepal, trying to understand what it means to have leprosy and how an easily curable disease can still be a factor in

Total votes: 164
Picking Up

After being stood up for a long-anticipated date, Ken retreats to a nearby park, the site of both his favorite cruising spot and his environmentally-focused

Total votes: 144

ROXY is a tale about unbroken bonds and the reconciliation with the past.

Total votes: 670

Antithesis is a visual exploration of a woman’s experience of memory associated with the house she walks through.

Total votes: 198
2D - Dimensions Of Thinking

Two Chess Players preparing themselves for a final match, in order conquer the cash prize of Rs 2 Cr.

Total votes: 214
The Man Who Knew Too Little

A detective is hired by a woman to investigate her husband whom she believes is being blackmailed.

Total votes: 423
A Salute to Honor

In 1941, a great war shattered the dreams of young Americans. 70 years later they are revisited and fulfilled.

Total votes: 204

An alcoholic seeks redemption from the man whose life he destroyed, leaving his own fate in the hands of those he wronged.

Total votes: 149


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