The Bat

A boy who loses everything must reconcile the changes in life while longing for his deceased father’s affection.

Total votes: 159
One Fine Day

A man keeps an intriguing positive attitude even going through what seems to be a bad hair day.

Total votes: 209
Bloody Money

How Do Three Guys Keep a Secret?

Total votes: 193
I Can't Sleep

An insomnia ridden boy is sensorially overwhelmed due to the urban environment that surrounds.

Total votes: 225

A man's life is turned upside-down by a rogue auto-correct.

Total votes: 427
Man and Cat

Two down on their luck brothers attempt to steal what they think is a valuable comic book.

Total votes: 122

1988, Darlington, South Carolina: two misfits thrown together in a forced rite of passage find an unexpected connection.

Total votes: 275
The Wolves Beyond The Timber

When Madeline finds herself at the mercy of a mysterious cult, the 'Strangers', she must prove how far she is willing to fall in order to save her sick siste

Total votes: 293
The King of Coxinha

A documentary about Thales, a Brazilian cook that decides to move back to his hometown after 33 years of living in the US.

Total votes: 562
The One Exit

Man is running away from a far, disturbing memories.

Total votes: 275
Suicidal Blood

A group of police going in search of a serial killer, to discover several deaths.

Total votes: 350
Live Laugh Love

What if you lost it?

Total votes: 394
Robots: A Love Story

Intergalactic Marshal Bertha Snerkowitz and her inept partner Bucky Rodgers travel to Planet Harrison to retrieve two renegade lesbian robots.

Total votes: 260
The Magic Mod

Follow the Magic Mod, Ben Taylor, as he travels from Camden to Brighton bringing his brand of magic to a new audience.

Total votes: 202
Motor City Blues

A short documentary about the inner city of Detroit from the view of its own citizens.

Total votes: 166
Lost Soul

As the music is at the heart of LOST SOUL project, for the first time Quebec, Anik Jean and her musicians will play the soundtrack 'LIVE' during the projecti

Total votes: 192

Ernest is a mockumentary short film about a guy whose inability to say no inadvertently causes him to have the wildest night of his life.

Total votes: 237

Experimental short film about a couple from two different worlds.

Total votes: 233

A short film about the cycle of addiction within a suburban multi-racial family who happens to be headed by the town's chief narcotics investigator.

Total votes: 380
Being Her Friend

A dramatic film about two wounded souls who form an unlikely friendship in the ward of a 72-hour suicide watch.

Total votes: 399

Satirical News Magazine, Nitecap, investigates Leo Mann and his Intravaginal advertising agency.

Total votes: 574
West Side Swordy

A Sword-Swinging Beat-Down Boogie

Total votes: 279

OYATE is an observational nonfiction feature film about life on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in southwestern South Dakota.

Total votes: 634
Alone in the DEAD of Night

Mallory, a pill-popping Danish art student, must survive the night in her apartment when she is haunted by evil, malevolent beings.

Total votes: 602

A girl decides to go against her parents wishes and not go to the college she was accepted into.

Total votes: 521

CATRACHOLANDIA is an intimate, raw, and emotional documentary following an immigrant artist returning to his country of origin, Honduras, to paint murals for

Total votes: 322
The 10 Kinds Of Roommates You Meet On Craigslist

These are the 10 kinds of roommates you meet on craigslist.

Total votes: 198


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