2D - Dimensions Of Thinking

Two Chess Players preparing themselves for a final match, in order conquer the cash prize of Rs 2 Cr.

Total votes: 214
The Man Who Knew Too Little

A detective is hired by a woman to investigate her husband whom she believes is being blackmailed.

Total votes: 423

A friend’s untimely death sends six 30-somethings on a journey to confront her incomplete bucket list, finding that closure can't come until you crack open.D

Total votes: 224
A Salute to Honor

In 1941, a great war shattered the dreams of young Americans. 70 years later they are revisited and fulfilled.

Total votes: 204

An alcoholic seeks redemption from the man whose life he destroyed, leaving his own fate in the hands of those he wronged.

Total votes: 149

At the heart of Până când nu te iubeam, performed by internationally-known orchestra Pink Martini, is a Romanian love ballad of devastating beauty and ether

Total votes: 662

Guerrillas is an empathetic look at a delusional artists inability to transfigure visions.

Total votes: 115

The stop-motion short Jailbreak, shot in black and white, follows the daring escape of a prisoner fleeing his cell and his quest for sweet punishment.

Total votes: 299
The Sundowner

A gravely ill man is forced to make a life altering decision in order to stay alive.

Total votes: 112

On a dark night, an isolated village closed its doors to children who sought refuge. Dawn brings them a bad omen.

Total votes: 138
Wrath of a rose

IntroL’ira della rosa (Wrath of a rose) is a short story about a woman meeting a man.

Total votes: 329

KURTIS has a penis problem. Impotence. Is it physical or mental? He’s in therapy with Dr. Marta. What will come up?

Total votes: 183

A woman with a red suitcase. A cigarette and the bell ringing. An ice-cream.

Total votes: 206
Surfing on grace

David B. Ricard, director from Quebec, followed his brother Louis, champion of slalom skateboarding in his evolution in the sport for five years.

Total votes: 250

Seen through the lens of a fearless activist, Goodwoman tells a story emblematic of our times.

Total votes: 142
Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton

“Travis” is a 90-minute documentary film recounting the now world-famous 1975 UFO abduction of Travis Walton and the impact it has had on his life over the i

Total votes: 468
The Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost is a music video that follows a woman being pulled through her death being forced to see and possibly stop acts of violence, abuse, lust and a

Total votes: 211
The Great Guys

It's a touching story about a little girl and a Labrador.

Total votes: 393
A Tale of Crows

An animated crow opera follows a family of hatchlings on a dream journey through the adventure of their first flight.

Total votes: 174
Where Happiness Lies

Russel Neswick, sculptor, entrepreneur and artist is revealed in this portrait of loss, creativity and love.

Total votes: 141
Inside The Grace

A mysterious box carrying ancient, supernatural powers finds its way into a curiosity shop.

Total votes: 184
Forgive Me

A relationship at a crisis point. A love story of heartbreak or forgiveness in three minutes.

Total votes: 181
I Am Chamorro

One's journey through the past and present determines the future

Total votes: 243
Death In Vancity

A couple of young wannabe gangsters enter the drug game in the hopes of emulating the things they've seen in the movies and in the hip-hop videos, only to re

Total votes: 210
Love of a Killer

A serial killer ends up falling in love with one of his victims, and tries to warn her before it is too late.

Total votes: 165
Airport Donetsk

The battle for Donetsk Airport, Ukraine (May2014- Jan2015) through the warriors eyes of both sides. The humans behind the battle.

Total votes: 228
The Eastern Sea - The Fool

The Eastern Sea, Austin Texas local band, kicks ass with their new music video full of space ice cream, lights in the sky and an alien autopsy date night!

Total votes: 193

An unfaithful remake of Man Ray’s 1926 'Emak Bakia' made with out the use of a motion picture camera, ELONA EM EVAEL/LEAVE ME ALONE is a nonsensical response

Total votes: 97

An engineer, tasked with inventing a 'real' 4D printer, gets trapped in physics and the creative process.

Total votes: 239

Calle wants to look nice in a princessdress, but it's not as easy as it seems.

Total votes: 529
A Million Crowns

The day after celebrating a promotion, a young businessman desperately tries to raise a ransom for his kidnapped sister.

Total votes: 419
The Strange Feeling

Feelings can get you killed...

Total votes: 152

Wang Liqiang was discriminated and abused by other children because of ankylosing spondylitis, so he shut his true feelings from others since he was a child.

Total votes: 394

Spring has arrived. A lonesome Sean seems to be struggling between his natural, human desires and sticking to his principles and beliefs.

Total votes: 119

Endland is the story of a brother and sister, estranged and reunited in their childhood beach house, where they must face the prospect of catastrophe as an a

Total votes: 80
Generation Girl

The idealistic world of two young women comes crashing down when they fight over a mutual love interest; The reveal that these characters exist only in the f

Total votes: 151
The Layover

A flight attendant on a layover in Toronto meets an aspiring life coach, sparking a debate about social issues, Millennial angst and more as he shows her aro

Total votes: 154
As the Tide Goes By | Scott Taylor 2016 Single Music Video

Music by Braver NoiseVocals Scott TaylorGuitar and Bass Tony FazioDrums Dean DalfonsoDirected By: Sophia DagherDirector of Photography: Jason ManningsStarrin

Total votes: 110
Black to White

48 hour period in the life of a Syrian family assimilating to life in Australia, follows the journey through the eyes of a 12 year old Zaina.

Total votes: 464
Reindeer Romp N Roll | A Colorful Christmas

The first track from A Colorful Christmas.Composer © 2015 Jet WatlingArtists: Jet Watling (vocals, percussion), Vivian Kao (background vocals, guitar), Chris

Total votes: 148

Following an unnamed protagonist through his daily life in the city of London, Enthusiasm examines sexual attraction, power, exhaustion, and the dichotomy be

Total votes: 136

Life gives you a second chance.

Total votes: 332
Don't Love

A guy who is against the loving commitment, explains his reasons by showing different situations with different women that he has been with during his life.

Total votes: 244
Monday to Monday

Florencia didn’t allow the long work and university hours get in the way of her dream, going to the Ironman 70.3 World Championship, something no other athle

Total votes: 361

The film “The Internal Ear” poses questions related to the nature of improvisation.

Total votes: 919

A female grad student and cellist goes on a redemptive journey to find a missing 6 year old boy, caught up in a web of human trafficking.

Total votes: 269
The Silent Rice Fields of Bakan

Between April 1975 and January 1979, the Democratic Kampuchea regime killed approximately 1.7 million people.

Total votes: 180

A superhero romance surrounding a war waged between Capes and Masks, one of which questions his arch rivalry after the planet's inhabitants become powerless

Total votes: 168


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