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Total votes: 172

'HEART' is the story of a man and woman that fall in their deep and their freedom is connected to the love which will be ended by dead

Total votes: 588

When Brooklynite Hillary gets dumped, she discovers karma and fate have a sense of humor.

Total votes: 257

A visual narration of one artist’s personal journey and life philosophy as told through the fabrication of a chair.

Total votes: 141

A young woman struggles to maintain her fantastical Universe when her love goes sour.

Total votes: 653
The Promised Band

A group of upstart women with dubious musical skills use a fake band as a cover story to cross forbidden borders into each other’s tangled lives in Israel an

Total votes: 847
The Sun Is Rising (le soleil se leve)

Is there a key to talking about terror attacks?From naïveté to awareness, a man considers armed conflict and two terror attacks - in Ottawa and Paris.The sec

Total votes: 539
IN EVERYONE'S EYES (en todas las miradas)

A poetic and slyly subversive film about life in Cuba, where it's dangerous to speak openly against la Revolucion.

Total votes: 599
Welcome To Beerzislowvia

2 men sit on a stoop in Brooklyn take a moment to have a beer and talk sandwiches.

Total votes: 90

A young woman’s journey to find truth, lost between reality and altered states of consciousness.

Total votes: 122

Doris is an undocumented Mexican housemaid that has to take care of her employer's racist and embittered father for a weekend.

Total votes: 233
Kiss Me Goodbye

Horror and alienation surround the courtroom of the State, where the man it believes is the last leader of an underground religion faces judgment and death.<

Total votes: 168
Among Others

A handsome lifestyle photographer for an up and coming magazine goes around the city taking pictures of people and asking them questions about their lives.

Total votes: 606
St Just

Maggie and Ronnie, a penniless and feckless Cornish couple, become a modern day Bonnie and Clyde in order to pay for their IVF treatment to have the baby the

Total votes: 229

Haya and Hassan find themselves in a compromising police investigation.

Total votes: 622
A Healthy Planet

An outcast girl who is secluded by her friends finds away to help the earth around her even when her friends pay no attention to her.

Total votes: 169

Five is a slow burn introspection of dealing with our own mortality when it stares us in the face: of the time wasted, the potential left untapped, the relat

Total votes: 492
The Last One

What if, suddenly, everyone disappeared? How would you cope? Sometimes a lie is more comfortable than the truth.

Total votes: 233
If I met a magician

Omri gets released from his reserve duty, on the National Memorial Day, to attend his uncle's memorial service.

Total votes: 281
Children of Another Sun

Children of Another Sun is a scream in the language of poetry.

Total votes: 239

I film with my iphone 6, I used my rode microphones and edited with adobe pro. Shot in the summer in a waiting room.

Total votes: 146

A girl dances through the city from a dream into reality.

Total votes: 207
Why Siegfried Teitelbaum had to die

Betrayal, Deception and Masquerade

Total votes: 355
Somewhere in between

Transiting to 5th sleep | Aux frontières du 5e sommeil

Total votes: 211

Peter’s modus operandi is he works alone with a selection of classic music, preferably opera.

Total votes: 124
Hope's Nocturnal

Due to a past broken heart, David Kodiak is aimlessly walking through life like an extra from a zombie flick.

Total votes: 112
Schmoolie The Deathwatcher

An Orthodox Jewish teen spends his first night alone guarding a body awaiting burial and ends up fighting for his own life.

Total votes: 203

Claudia travels to a small town in Sicily to get back together with her ex-girlfriend, Anna.

Total votes: 303

Kerala famously known as Gods own country is, endowed with natural beauty with its lush green landscapes and rivers crisscrossing the length and breadth of t

Total votes: 472

“Tony” is an impressionistic documentary film portrait focusing on identity, creativity, and loss within a personal family history.

Total votes: 154
Dancing in the White Room

When does property become personality?

Total votes: 253
The Offensive

Two soldiers create chaos while trying to save a scientist they know nothing about in a parody of video game tropes.

Total votes: 240

In the camp of Ketermaya, children playand dream, just like any other children.Beneath the surface, things are not soeasy for these Syrian kids, who have fle

Total votes: 195

Ten years on, a father's relentless search for his daughter leads him to a remote farmhouse, three states away from where she went missing.

Total votes: 196
Persona Non Grata

What right do you have to parent your own child?

Total votes: 143
Burning Soul

June 1727, a ship from the Dutch East India Company wrecked on Australia’s coasts, known at the time as New Holland.

Total votes: 159
My Mother's Hands

Annie and Jane Berger rely on their inner circle of witty, straight-shooting Long Island friends and family for support, as they struggle to find themselves

Total votes: 144
The Alley Cat

Jasper, a troubled bike messenger, competes in an night time alley cat race that starts giddily but ends in disaster.

Total votes: 244
Jacob Is Ready

Terminally ill man is about to exercise his right to physician-assisted suicide. In his last moments on earth he has only one regret.

Total votes: 198
Fourth World

A band of street kids turn a Hollywood filmmaker's world upside down.

Total votes: 182
Sculpting Secrets

When New York City cop, Jay Fabrizio, takes a leave of absence after a fresh homicide case brings back a decade-old personal tragedy, he opts for a sculpting

Total votes: 97
Sara and Mimi

Mimi, a former actress who has always been a full-of-energy-independent kind of woman, now struggles to fight the most invencible enemy: time.

Total votes: 333

Isolation from friends and family and the pressure to work have heightened the mental strain of a young determined artist as she finds herself stuck in a loo

Total votes: 206
A splendid affair

A new affair for a private investigator.

Total votes: 429
The Great Guys (Feature)

One fairy comes to earth to look for the greatest kid to keep her home, which is in a fairy tale world.

Total votes: 190
Shadows of Endurance

Shadows of Endurance portraits two centuries of American history through stratified layers of time, comparing the lives of the people currently living in Har

Total votes: 172
Total votes: 179
Wild Seeds

A madcap ensemble comedy set in a new-age 'psychiatric retreat center', Wild Seeds explores the big questions of sanity, human behavior and societal

Wild Seeds
Total votes: 402


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