Greek Skies

A One-Year Timelapse project under Greek Skies!

Total votes: 2485
The Room

An exploration into the human psyche and the impacts influencing her physicality and mentality.

Total votes: 2002
A Life in Time

Thomas, a young scientist, is convinced that time travel is a reality.

Total votes: 844

Ambivalence tells the story of Nora, who lives a very eccentric life. She looks at her life as if it’s a rollercoaster that's only going up.

Total votes: 798
That's my boy

That’s my boy’, a documentary on Gender Identity Disorder portrays the successful and remarkable life of Sonu, a female to male convert.

Total votes: 3245
Ad Infinitum

A short drama exploring thought and memory.

Total votes: 1721
Do You Know Me?

Two girls are encountered by a crazy man. Until the third girl came out flattering him.

Total votes: 2298
The Voyage

THE VOYAGE, an emotionally charged short film by the celebrated husband-wife team BJ and Richeille Formento.

Total votes: 819
She's Furious (Sub. Eng)

Bicycle theft is a big problem in Montréal. Nathalie decides to take revenge.

Total votes: 2210
Faaji Agba

Faaji Agba is a six-year journey by film-maker Remi Vaughan-Richards following seven, 68-85yr old Yoruba master musicians in Lagos, Nigeria.

Total votes: 2801
"Shards of the dreams"

The hero lives a normal life, in which everything goes

according to schedule, but everything changes after

Total votes: 976

A little boy and his dog travel through ruins of a fallen city to a place he will never forget.

Total votes: 2195
Emma, Change the Locks

Emma is stepping up to an extreme decision. She is changing the locks. Will she be able to stand by her choice when the knocking begins?

Total votes: 563
Not Enough Fish?

Peter and Chantelle, a family struggling with the hardships of independent fishing, tell of their daily lives, as they both do their part to keep their busin

Total votes: 358
Just Let Go

It's locked. You have locked the front door. Everything is fine, it's fine. Just walk away, just let go.

Total votes: 344
[cthorsion scrypt fantomsens]

Excavating the intimate interrelations between writing and death, a virtual ka-mera scans a phantom shrouded figure in an anechoic chamber.

Total votes: 4912
The Dollface Slasher

In a small town rocked by horrific murders, Kelly and Jason decide to stay safe, cozy up and watch a horror movie.

Total votes: 893

Paraíso is a "direct cinema" documentary film that follows the lives of child survivors one month after the tragedy of the strongest typhoon ever recorded on

Total votes: 2318
Words by

One day in November I was walking in London along the Edgware Road - a busy arterial route, crammed with people on the move.

Total votes: 411
Exile is a Jealous State

"An object that offers neither rest nor respite.”

Total votes: 1046
The Disappearance of Willie Bingham

Willie Bingham is the first man to undergo a radical new justice program.

Total votes: 956

A teenage girl attempts a daring escape from captors and life as a sex slave in this harrowing tale seen from her POV.

Total votes: 1380
Meet me here

After yet another huge, embarrassing public lovers’ quarrel Nestor makes the inconvenient offer to his girlfriend, Jeri to meet him on an abandoned building.

Total votes: 242
Classic Kutz

The story of one barber and his journey. Coming from foster care Teddy Maxwell becomes the celebrity barber and owner of Maxwell's Classic Kutz.

Total votes: 1219
What We Told Our Sons: Four Families React to the Trayvon Martin Verdict

Since February 2012, the country was captivated by Trayvon Martin case - the 17 year-old that was gunned down by the neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman,

Total votes: 247

The will breaks down, vanishes, the life makes its way.
Everything human comes from the earth and to the earth it must returned.

Total votes: 4922
Just like the movies

The thrilling movie Sundays with mom and dad... The first kiss in the dark hall... The fierce fights for the precious Star Wars tickets...

Total votes: 1436

A man enters a psychiatrists office and begins to detail his emotional problems.

Confidential Teaser Image
Total votes: 1174
On the wave

Synopsis On the Wave is the first Russian surfing documentary that illustrates the beauty of surfing, both as a sport and as a life philosophy.

Total votes: 1417

SANDORKRAUT is an intimate portrait of Sandor Katz, a famous food author and fermentation guru.

Total votes: 304
Kumar and Jen Go to Dinner

Kumar and Jen are secretly engaged. Jen plans to introduce Kumar to her parents over dinner. With a body like Kumar's what's not to love?

Total votes: 1154

A man traumatized by the suspicious death of his brother is placed in a mental health institution that uses alternative methods to get their patients to talk

Total votes: 343
In Ribbons

It is 1968, and in a silent room, Laurie, aged 5, surrounded by her dolls and toys, waits for her father to return home.

Total votes: 1484
Suffering is the Easy Part

Suffering is the Easy Part is a short, partially animated documentary about trauma, trauma's aftermath, depression and the healing process.

Total votes: 3158
Diving Within

By becoming immersed in her new environment, Malaysian Sharena Abdullah discovers herself.

Total votes: 1000
A Daughter's Lament - Story of Zaiba

In 1971, war broke out between India and Pakistan and left behind families separated between Line of Control (LOC).

Total votes: 1069
I Shall Dance

In Pakistan, where entertainment has always been suppressed simply because it is considered a taboo, this documentary follows a Quetta man, Changezi who love

Total votes: 792

A shithole somewhere in Scotland, a cab falling to bits and Alec Calan facing an acute case of Ray-ban addiction : welcome to Pink Velvet Valley!

Total votes: 267
Operation Wedding
Total votes: 7745
Sarasate, the King of the Violin

Pablo Sarasate was one of the best violinists in the world, surpassing the very Paganini.

Total votes: 3082
The Nobodies

In 1993, Alabama based amateur filmmaker Warren Werner shot his first feature film, Pumpkin, on VHS.

Total votes: 2861
Stopover in Pajol

Yacoub, young Libyan, fled a war. Having Traverse After the Mediterranean, he landed in France.

Total votes: 3250
Flip Flop

A robbery doesn't go as planned before it even begins in this epic tale of violence, deceit, and comradery.

Total votes: 386
The Ability Exchange

THE ABILITY EXCHANGE is a documentary film about acclaimed professor Allan Goldstein’s Disability Studies course at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering (wh

Total votes: 822
Dream Big

It's an impulse to pursue your own dream.
A young boy dreams of becoming a figure skater.
He practices for days, months and years.

Total votes: 943
Leos Last Name

Leo’s Last Name, is an intimate collage, family portrait, combining archival footage, sound design, personal narration, and interviews, following the filmma

Total votes: 330
The Theory of Manly-ness

A man attempts to discover how to be a man by tapping into his subconscious and using maths.

Total votes: 226
Try Again

TRY AGAIN brings us into the mind of Walt Eichner, a middle-aged failure on the verge of ending it all.

Total votes: 369


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