Kim has been messing up in his life. He lost his family on the way. Now, he wants one thing only: To spend some time with his x-wife and their daughter.

Total votes: 514

Anaphora, is the story of a love that transcends time. A wandering poet and a young woman recognize each other after life time in which they have never met.

Total votes: 192
doll eyes

Doll Eyes is a slice-of-life horror about 10-year-old Sara, who must sneak around her Stepmother's back in order to gather supplies for the secret special pr

Total votes: 55
Golden Boy

The bond of two brothers is tested when only one is considered for a scholarship to play football at the school of their dreams.

Total votes: 50

HUM is a Science-Fiction comedy about the malfunction of a giant cell phone tower situated at the tip of Cape Cod that releases an irreducible hum into the a

Total votes: 125
Hometown Hero

A journey into the mind of an Afghanistan War vet as he struggles with P.T.S.D. and white supremacists attempting to force him from his home.

Total votes: 79
Neon Girl in 1953

1950's family man and FBI agent, Jack Edwards, fights hard to save his country from mobsters and seductive Soviet spies.

Total votes: 771
Chase To Mars

Coping the loss of his parents, Chase and his toy astronaut Lance, discover that a trip to Mars might not be too far out of reach.

Total votes: 147
Gaijin Fish Out Of Water

After poisoning herself on fish offerings stolen from the Buddhas, a lonely Western traveler awakens cursed in a haunted Bamboo forest, grossly disfigured an

Total votes: 212
Tysha or the Lull in Dispassion

A short film the makes the viewer experience and feel how quiet a house can be.

Total votes: 87

This is a portrait of Lex: A seventy-year-old, Filipino artist who is currently homeless in New York City.

Total votes: 192


Total votes: 59

When Frankie gets into his car and sets to drive home, he has no idea what's about to happen to him.

Total votes: 125
Connection Lost (The Tinder Opera)

the operatic tale of a newly single man’s first steps into the unfamiliar world of Tinder dating.

Total votes: 71
My Wild Irish Rose

A New York City rom-com

Total votes: 66
The Last Hope

A story about two people and their search for hope in a time of despair.

Total votes: 44
The Apeman of Manhattan

A savvy advertising executive pines for her younger former lover, an artist who vanished from her life six years ago.

Total votes: 67
father and son

An embittered rock star confront the man who had him Kidnapped.

Total votes: 45
The Winter Wolves

Two young wolves must rise to become the new alpha pair of the pack after the old pair passes away and the packs territory is lost to a rival pack.

Total votes: 158

From photographer turned filmmaker Joshua Malik, comes a new vision for Oscar Wilde's beloved classic 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'.

Total votes: 81

'Amidst a gridlock, we shine a light on people there. Where they're from, where they may be going, and how they're connected.

Total votes: 62
Insatiable: The Homaro Cantu Story

Chef and inventor Homaro Cantu helped put Chicago on the culinary map when he opened his first restaurant “Moto” and became a celebrity chef in his late twen

Total votes: 75
Christmas Pops

A meta-theatrical telling of the tale of Desmond and Molly Jones (of “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” fame), a pair of Christmas-loving lovers who were born feet away fr

Total votes: 221

The journey of an applicant through the immigration system of an unspecified country.

Total votes: 180
Second Chance

After a home invasion goes terribly wrong, Oscar tries to help the girl whose life he helped to ruin.

Total votes: 157
Two Birds

Ellie and Rose like each other. Like the fall in love, and go on dates, and sail across the ocean on a yacht and stare into the other eyes kind of like.

Total votes: 129
Heavy Objects

socio political thriller

Total votes: 110

A TOUCH OF WIND - a new Russian experimental film, which combines fiction and documentary scenes in one continuous narration.

Total votes: 257
Help Wanted

An off duty cop is confronted by a gunman holding up an all night diner.

Total votes: 106

3 minuts poetic visual experience about the cult.

Total votes: 140

Stuck in memories and mourning the loss of her father, a young writer struggles with her personal relationships by equating love with the way in which her fa

Total votes: 173

Mani Has been a barber at his uncles barber shop for a very long time. He day dreams he is living an awesome life. His reality is depressing and unkind.

Total votes: 76
Public Intimacy


Total votes: 208
Kissing Cousin

A love for a cousin, deeply engraved in childhood. Twelve years later, a stopped heart begins to beat again.

Total votes: 683
Reflex Camera

When moments of uneasiness try to creep in as they will in everyone's life, I tell myself to get that camera back in focus, and everything is okay.

Total votes: 436
Hide the Elephant

A young boy is abandoned by three of his friends after a cave-in.

Total votes: 113
The Forest

A new teacher arrives at a small village in rural Thailand.

Total votes: 374
Can I Help?

Caroline James, a local radio host, thinks she's just helping another man through a break up when car mechanic, Mark Cars, calls into her show.

Total votes: 108
A Dance for G. KNIGHT

A Dance for G.Knight is a collaborative work between Miles Greenberg, dancer/choreographer and G.Knight, artist that attempts to highlight the interaction of

Total votes: 219

A publishing intern is sent to retrieve the signature of her hero, only to realize he is an asshole.

Total votes: 68

Two New York women, a theater exec and an art conservator, confront difficulties in marriage and friendship, as the son of one and the daughter of another se

Total votes: 61

What if it was possible to create a world in which to get a chance to rehabilitate themselves, criminals had to pass a test without even knowing it?

Total votes: 316
Super Short Comics 'Into the Pocket'

Did you noticed that all of the denims (jeans) have a second little pocket above the main pocket? What is that for?

Total votes: 178
All that Glitters (special edition)

A documentary about twin sisters with Cerebral Palsy who are being considered for major roles in a Hollywood motion picture.

Total votes: 149

Two underage musicians from Niagara Falls take destiny into their own hands by stealing a limousine and driving to California.

Total votes: 120
Timeless Guilt

Timeless Guilt is a suspense - When a father (Darnell Williams) is walking home with his daughter, he witness two men kidnapping a little girl.

Total votes: 157

A man shows his son what sacrifice for one's country looks like.

Total votes: 143

A frustrated copywriter heads upstate to kill himself...and gets writer's block on his suicide note.

Total votes: 104


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