Motel Champagne

Richie goes with an older woman to a motel to spend the night. He doesn't mention that he's also there to meet up with some associates for a drug deal.

Total votes: 90


Total votes: 165
Mink Eyes (2)

October 1986.

Total votes: 55
Echoes of Silence

Annamari (24) is a deaf girl excluded by her environment, who lives in self-denial, unable to accept her social situation, leading a double life out of rebel

Total votes: 473
Laura, Lost

Two friends enter an eerie forest to rescue a girl they suspect has been abducted by a sinister woodsman.

Total votes: 75

A young actor's anxiety is aggravated by a series of absurd encounters.

Total votes: 65

Gemma has a gimp leg. Her best friend calls her Gimpsey - a crippling in-joke wearing thin.

Total votes: 115
There I Go

A conflicted, lonely young man struggling with depression; goes out for one night in Los Angeles in search of hope.

Total votes: 82
The Eighth

Overwhelmed by subjective opinons in today's Hong Kong society, various moral standards have been weaponized for trampling on the minority group.A middle-age

Total votes: 648
Fisherman and the Fungus Man

During a rare angling trip to the countryside, a city boy stumbles across “uncle,” an old acquaintance whose pursuit of 'mythic mushrooms” he joins.

Total votes: 312
Untitled Zombie Project

While filming a student film, a cast and crew of college students must navigate the chaos of a zombie apocalypse and struggle to realize they aren't prepared

Total votes: 58
Bobby Ellis is Gonna Kick Your Ass

'Bobby Ellis' follows high school freshman Mark 'Fuckley' Buckley after he impulsively strikes out at a school bully (Bobby Ellis) and spends the day experie

Total votes: 73
In For A Penny

The sole witness to a teen suicide conceals the truth while searching for what led to the tragedy.

Total votes: 138
Fan Site

Sexy lesbian Danni Montgomery lives in abstinence with her ex - who still carries a torch for her - while Danni eyes a bisexual movie star and attempts to wo

Total votes: 57
Sugar Island

This project imagines a scenario in which white plantation owners in the 18th century are abducted and enslaved in a Caribbean island, providing a potential

Total votes: 116
Nightshades: Galileo

Music video for New York City band Nightshades - made up of Gabriel Gordon (Natalie Merchant's Band), Aaron Johnston (Brazilian Girls) and Jonathan Levy (Iza

Total votes: 113
Report about DEATH

Easy understanding description of death

Total votes: 645
Snarky Puppy Family Dinner Volume Two

In February of 2015 Grammy-award-winning band, Snarky Puppy, recorded a monumental album in front of a live studio audience with guest instrumentalists and v

Total votes: 142

At the age of 5, girl's mother dies in a car accident. Ever since then, the girl closes herself within.

Total votes: 187

When Brooklynite Hillary gets dumped, she discovers karma and fate have a sense of humor.

Total votes: 131
Henrietta's Odyssey

To find her parents, Henrietta pursues her astral roots accompanied by a scatty invertebrate who impersonates a boy, and a schizoid trickster who serves the

Total votes: 160
Quest for Mihte Lugh

A cowardly fantasist dreams he is a superhero, until he and his siblings find themselves in Valhalla.

Total votes: 727

none please delete this entry

Total votes: 85

'HEART' is the story of a man and woman that fall in their deep and their freedom is connected to the love which will be ended by dead

Total votes: 406
Between the Bells

'Between the Bells' is a dark comedy that aims to show the secret life of a junior high school faculty.

Total votes: 59
Balancing Act

Walk at the beyond.

Total votes: 178
Nuclear Cattle

This is the story of innocent cattle farmers forced from the hills they’ve called home for decades due to the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear P

Total votes: 431

A young woman’s journey to find truth, lost between reality and altered states of consciousness.

Total votes: 35
The Last One

What if, suddenly, everyone disappeared? How would you cope? Sometimes a lie is more comfortable than the truth.

Total votes: 121
Kiss Me Goodbye

Horror and alienation surround the courtroom of the State, where the man it believes is the last leader of an underground religion faces judgment and death.

Total votes: 96
St Just

Maggie and Ronnie, a penniless and feckless Cornish couple, become a modern day Bonnie and Clyde in order to pay for their IVF treatment to have the baby the

Total votes: 140
A Healthy Planet

An outcast girl who is secluded by her friends finds away to help the earth around her even when her friends pay no attention to her.

Total votes: 102

A visual narration of one artist’s personal journey and life philosophy as told through the fabrication of a chair.

Total votes: 47
The Promised Band

A group of upstart women with dubious musical skills use a fake band as a cover story to cross forbidden borders into each other’s tangled lives in Israel an

Total votes: 647
The Sun Is Rising (le soleil se leve)

Is there a key to talking about terror attacks?From naïveté to awareness, a man considers armed conflict and two terror attacks - in Ottawa and Paris.The sec

Total votes: 398

A young woman struggles to maintain her fantastical Universe when her love goes sour.

Total votes: 451
IN EVERYONE'S EYES (en todas las miradas)

A poetic and slyly subversive film about life in Cuba, where it's dangerous to speak openly against la Revolucion.

Total votes: 436
Welcome To Beerzislowvia

2 men sit on a stoop in Brooklyn take a moment to have a beer and talk sandwiches.

Total votes: 37

Doris is an undocumented Mexican housemaid that has to take care of her employer's racist and embittered father for a weekend.

Total votes: 97
Among Others

A handsome lifestyle photographer for an up and coming magazine goes around the city taking pictures of people and asking them questions about their lives.

Total votes: 436

Haya and Hassan find themselves in a compromising police investigation.

Total votes: 447

Five is a slow burn introspection of dealing with our own mortality when it stares us in the face: of the time wasted, the potential left untapped, the relat

Total votes: 395

I film with my iphone 6, I used my rode microphones and edited with adobe pro. Shot in the summer in a waiting room.

Total votes: 80
If I met a magician

Omri gets released from his reserve duty, on the National Memorial Day, to attend his uncle's memorial service.

Total votes: 189
Children of Another Sun

Children of Another Sun is a scream in the language of poetry.

Total votes: 126
Hope's Nocturnal

Due to a past broken heart, David Kodiak is aimlessly walking through life like an extra from a zombie flick.

Total votes: 65

“Tony” is an impressionistic documentary film portrait focusing on identity, creativity, and loss within a personal family history.

Total votes: 80

A girl dances through the city from a dream into reality.

Total votes: 116


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