When ice delivery drivers Keeta and Holly set off for their final delivery on Christmas Eve, they never imagined that this would be the deadliest, coldest ni

Total votes: 101
The Murderous Van

Laurinho wins 350 million reais in a lottery but Cleusa, his wife and Shirley, her's best friend, decide that they'll live in Rio de Janeiro with the money,

Total votes: 188

The poet, playwright and spy lives in two worlds at a time when politics was religion and vice-versa.

Total votes: 107

ANSWER ME, it is a metaphor that revolves around four essential points, Time, Death, Love and Technology.

Total votes: 525
The Other Place

The Other Place is a futuristic thriller in the spirit of Blade Runner and Escape from New York.

Total votes: 178
Double Tap

It's a psychological thriller about a sparkle shooter dealing with having to shoot a man to save a girl who was taken hostage.Then he goes through therapy an

Total votes: 243

A psychological thriller about two friends that go on an adventure to find a Native American burial ground when things take an unsuspecting turn for the wors

Total votes: 157

The story is set in the 1990s and describes criminal events in which the state and its security forces played an important role.

Total votes: 280
Nothing Is Sacred

A gang enforcer for his adopted mother's sex trafficking ring is ordered to kill his brother-in-law in order to save his young niece from being sold into sex

Total votes: 583
30 Cents

Solve the mystery of the strange, spy-thriller inspired reverse music video by wunderkind Eli Raybon.

Total votes: 406
Love at First Sight

The film in an insight into a suburban girl's life who embarks on a nightout which to her surprise leads to something not quite ordinary.

Total votes: 88

Deception gives us want we want in the beginning, but always takes it away in the end.

Total votes: 96

A mysterious man and his ancient Chinese friend aid a beautiful Boston homicide detective in her hunt for a huge beast plotting to kill the visiting Pope.

Total votes: 201
Survivor 9

A refugee takes justice into her hands when she becomes convinced that a war criminal drives a taxi on the streets of Los Angeles.

Total votes: 101
Take a Deep Breath

An eight year old boy copes with a devastating event which threatens to tear his family apart, while his artful creations prove to reveal more than just pain

Total votes: 77
Unplanned Awakening

Carrie and Philip trapped in an mental asylum struggle to find means to unshatter their lives.

Total votes: 423
When the Howls Find Us

On the run, a girl and her grandmother find safety in an abandoned workshop - only to face a fateful choice.

Total votes: 118
Je suis la Fin

Pierre decides to go have a last drink but Héla, an attractive young woman, has another purpose for him.

Total votes: 128

Gopal Kumar arrives from India to England in search of a better future.

Total votes: 121

The paranormal takes center stage when a fraternity hazing prank goes awry, leaving a young woman face to face with a screaming Banshee......................

Total votes: 173

A struggling college student finds herself in an unlikely situation where she must fight for her life after undergoing an government experiment.

Total votes: 327

In the near future, nanotechnology administered into the bloodstream can sync with computer apps to augment the human genome.

Total votes: 361

A modern day American family struggles with the slow decay of their home life as a result of emotional abuse and unaddressed mental illness.

Total votes: 171

Mary is shocked by her husband's formal appearance. She's even more confused when she receives a call from him, while he's in the middle of a shower.

Total votes: 167
Cain Rose Up

a depressed student goes on a sniping rampage from his dorm room window.

Total votes: 97

A theater director leads his two actors and his assistant to an isolated cottage in the open countryside in order to better rehearse for their theatrical per

Total votes: 180
American Satan

A young rock band, half from England and half from the United States, drop out of college and move to the Sunset Strip to chase their dreams.

Total votes: 81
Happy Home

A woman protects her neighborhood by killing off child predators.

Total votes: 108
The Second Life

The psychotic narration of Joseph Maria's past incarnations upon his unplanned arrival at the local bishop's residence.

Total votes: 129

The world's best alligator rodeo and the unconventional animal caretaker that makes it all possible.

Total votes: 750
Plague Doctor

A Plague Doctor haunted by his superstitions and grief attempts to heal a plagued woman who resembles his dead daughter.

Total votes: 371
Tail Job

Tail job is an independent neo-noir film in which a loser, stand-up comedian Daniel, is hired by two ‘lazy’ hit men to trail a mysterious stranger (flaneur)

Total votes: 847

Still Waters Run Deep

Total votes: 543
The Atonement

In a small town where everyone has secrets, she may have the darkest of them all.

Total votes: 144

A suspense/thriller set among the muddy textures of 1920's prohibition era.

Total votes: 160

Enzo's life flips upside down when he discovers a broken parking meter is counting down the seconds of his life.

Total votes: 67

On the day he is set to star in a career-changing blockbuster, an Irish actor with a rocky past confronts a series of devastating events that threaten his so

Total votes: 126
Home Invasion

The only thing that came between them was his gun.

Total votes: 404
Lily Needs a Ride

He needs more...

Total votes: 86
Liberty Falls

A troubled ex-journalist mysteriously discovers an audio recording which seems to implicate the President's administration in a university mass shooting.

Total votes: 175

Amidst an arranged marriage committed against his will, a midwestern, Indian teenager falls for a mysterious girl in the woods, entrapping him in the grip of

Total votes: 445
Deadly in Love

A suicidal man encounters Death disguised as a woman. What happens when her icy cold fingers turns hot with lust?

Total votes: 312

A cold-blooded professional assassin dreams of becoming a movie star, but just as his dreams are beginning to materialize the Hollywood director who gives hi

Total votes: 89
Recycle Soul: Pilot Web Series

An ordinary young girl wakes up and finds out that her past life soulmate needs her help to save a young soul.

Total votes: 593
A whisper

How the world is changing in the future...The end will never come.

Total votes: 328
First Light

A woman, happily in love with her boyfriend of two years, finds herself questioning life choices when an old high school love suddenly appears.

Total votes: 131
Los Angeles Kidnapping

The daughter of the richest Chinese businessman in LA was kidnapped.

Total votes: 755

While at a party, Bailey discovers he has telekinetic abilities, which were triggered by the intervention of a top secret mind-controlling organization.When

Total votes: 97


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