After the death of her father, a young woman uses her writing to travel beyond the veil of madness into a world of magic, mystery and music.

Total votes: 374

Three guys, first seen as best buddies in high school, are seen 15 years later, working on a construction crew and feeling that life and time have passed the

Total votes: 257
ghostdance for a new century

A fusion of film and video, this experimental work is a digital re-imagining of my 16mm silent film of 1978 filmed originally in Canyon de Chelly and inspire

Total votes: 762


Total votes: 233
Everything in the Song is True

Four iconic cowboys whose music, art and way of life sustain vital connection to the folk culture that defines the American frontier.

Total votes: 923

A woman who is trapped in a dangerous polygamous relationship, is desperate to fight for her love by playing the Mahjong game against other women, until she

Total votes: 210
IN EVERYONE'S EYES (en todas las miradas)

A poetic and slyly subversive film about life in Cuba, where it's dangerous to speak openly against la Revolucion.

Total votes: 599
The Sun Is Rising (le soleil se leve)

Is there a key to talking about terror attacks?From naïveté to awareness, a man considers armed conflict and two terror attacks - in Ottawa and Paris.The sec

Total votes: 539
The Promised Band

A group of upstart women with dubious musical skills use a fake band as a cover story to cross forbidden borders into each other’s tangled lives in Israel an

Total votes: 847
The Bomb

Jim, a handsome young student, finds himself trapped on the university rooftop by his girlfriend and a group of her friends.

Total votes: 238
Wish We Were Kids...

We human being try our best to be an adult. Where as the child inside us never dies.

Total votes: 275
When I'm With You

A father and son brave a world of nearsighted elephants and two timing snakes in this animated tender years anthem.

Total votes: 273
Connection Lost (The Tinder Opera)

the operatic tale of a newly single man’s first steps into the unfamiliar world of Tinder dating.

Total votes: 155
Christmas Pops

A meta-theatrical telling of the tale of Desmond and Molly Jones (of “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” fame), a pair of Christmas-loving lovers who were born feet away fr

Total votes: 322
West Side Swordy

A Sword-Swinging Beat-Down Boogie

Total votes: 279


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