Total votes: 1139

30 second experimental animation.

Total votes: 346
If Kazimir Met Maurice

The Suprematist paintings of the Russian Futurist Kazimir Malevich (1878-1935) are poised to burst into motion.

Total votes: 701
The Jackson 5... Million

Winner of Best Documentary Feature Award at the Great Western Catskills International Film Festival.

Total votes: 2823
'Celebrate The World! - The Hey Wordy! Movie'

Professor Dabblebee and his animated young friend, Wordy, explore the world through musical adventures in a magical flying house.

Total votes: 356
REPAIRations! The Musical

3 timelines of history, one story

Total votes: 501
Hip Hop City

A school with no rules in a city with no shame

Total votes: 797
Drilling Holes Into The Sun

Dream sequences have held the Horse captive from finding a consensus for reality.

Total votes: 302
ONLY WANNA PARTY 3-Minute Music Video Short, 2016

ONLY WANNA PARTY is the transmedia comedic short that features an award winning soundtrack. It stars Willie K and Eric Gilliom as the Barefoot Natives.

Total votes: 1125
NO, A Flamenco Tale

NO, A Flamenco Tale is a fictional and documentary musical film, an urban, contemporary flamenco opera in which the action is expressed through dance and the

Total votes: 614
YILONG LIU 2017 Cinematographer Showreel

NYFA student YILONG LIU 2017 Cinematographer showreel

Total votes: 623

In a rainy city, a talented young man attempts to show the world what he sees through his gifted perspective.

Total votes: 233

A dark-comedy about an aging television star who plays folk songs for children. Starring Allan Havey (Mad Men, The Informant!, Hancock)

Total votes: 726
The Last Crow

In a western fantasy world of bird people, the last living crow must defend the legacy of his soon to be extinct species.

Total votes: 570
Third Movement Of Silence

A young adult in a contemporary society cant sleep, from her anxiety and horrors theres a new musical movement, the third movement of silence.

Total votes: 779
Almost Whole

A man loses his heart's desire only to find there's plenty of fish in the sea.

Total votes: 320
Jazz The Only Way Of Life

Dizzy Gillespie is one of the major figures of the 20th Century’s music scene.

Total votes: 535
January, an Invention of the Year 2016

'January, an Invention of the year 2016' is one of the 12 shorts films that will compose Jean Seban's next feature about time 'Ganga 2019'.

Total votes: 612
December, an Invention of the Year 2016

The last month of my father's life.

Total votes: 513
November, an Invention of the Year 2015

A film about Paris attacks, and about time,...

Total votes: 495
Popsuckette Theatre

A sock puppet community theater struggles to stay afloat and deal with their newest member - a playwright who may be a genius, a lunatic, or both.

Total votes: 223
The Other Side

The Other Side is the story of deported musician Jose Marquez and his daughter Susanna who have been separated for almost 15 years but meet every month on ei

Total votes: 313
The Pillars of Heaven

Documentary Film 'The Pillars of Heaven'A young and disillusioned British diplomat abandons his diplomatic career, spends his own money, and risks his very l

Total votes: 655
Man Is Failing Mother Nature

An experimental approach to viewing Man's failure to appreciate Mother Nature's gift's she gives us.

Total votes: 258
Mah e mir

Embrace your madness

Total votes: 1117


Total votes: 376
River Lea: An Audio-Free American Sign Language Music Video by Body Language Productions, Inc

This video is a collaborative, volunteer-based American Sign Language translation project and the first ASL music video of its kind to have a full cast of 7

Total votes: 483

A grad student from South Africa and an au pair from Sweden embark on parallel journeys as they acclimate to life in New York City.

Total votes: 214
zindhaghi (life)

No regrets

Total votes: 184
'Throughout The Years'

This is the story of the friendship between two legends of cuban music.

Total votes: 203

«THE ARCH» is a movie clip based on the story of the Chernobyl disaster with the musical single created under the new shelter for the IV block of Chernobyl N

Total votes: 253
Something Blue (L'opera del Bachelor)

A young Reality TV couple's operatic journey from fairy-tale marriage to real-life detachment.

Total votes: 173
Huerta de San Vicente

A homage to Federico Garcia Lorca by artist/musician/songwriter Patricia Vonne.

Total votes: 405
Christmas gift for Dax Diaz

Takes you through the loss of a young puertorrican singer song writer.

Total votes: 631
Boring I Love You

5 differently abled students come together to celebrate love in a unique language.

Total votes: 312

A distressed woman seeks solace in her dream world that propels her into constant motion on a transformative journey.

Total votes: 235
He And Rock & Roll

A story about a 1970s' American rock band and the love that grows between two men - the lead singer and the guitarist.

Total votes: 204

“DASEIN” is a non linear, post modern, meta-narrative film.

Total votes: 619
I look to the sky

We made an interpretation of the song 'I look to the sky' from Gin Tonics Band

Total votes: 152

While a successful Hollywood producer celebrates the Premiere of his latest film, his closest friend tries to prevent the throng of admirers from stealing hi

Total votes: 164
Tras Chrysalyda

The story of an inner transformation

Total votes: 694
Babylon Dreamers

A fascinating story about a group of young dancers, whose members are immigrants, is trying to compete in the break-dancing World Championship in Germany.

Total votes: 292
SUPER VEGGIES by the Superha Family

We all want our kids to eat healthier, and this music video makes eating vegetables fun.

Total votes: 263
She is King

Don't dream it. Be it.

Total votes: 610
'I Don't Need' - by Millones

A 360º music video that immerse us in the story of a guy stuck on an his old love.

Total votes: 288
Fiction and Testimony

And suddenly I had the extraordinary sensation...that I was choreographing Death.

Total votes: 562


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