Burying Mitchell

Two women meet at the funeral of their ex-husband. In order to collect a $1 million life insurance policy, they must bury him by hand.

Total votes: 103
Scam County - PILOT

Three unlikely friends try to redeem themselves, one scam at a time.

Total votes: 124
summer snow

ashkan has a mysterious roommate who has to be kept hidden from others suspitiors of the situation ,azar arrives at ahskan home.however course of the event g

Total votes: 940
The Real Ghost Hunters

Times are changing and Danny Ables refuses to change with it.

Total votes: 197
Hey You!

Naples, present. Diego has been stopped by a stranger which he will ask for a cigarette but the guy shows himself as a robber.

Total votes: 305

On the anniversary of Kevin’s husband’s passing, he decided to honor his late husband’s wishes to scatter his ashes at sea.

Total votes: 200

In Plankton we get a glimpse of the ideas and aspirations that float around at the bottom of the food chain.

Total votes: 183
Go Out With Love

Gina’s life starts over while taking care of her Grandma with Alzheimer's.

Total votes: 301
Highland Cafe

A 70 year old bubbly widow, Diana, who is bored with retirement decides to get a job at a coffee shop as a barista.

Total votes: 115

Gershon is an addict. He's being filmed for a documentary. Unfortunately, his vice isn't alcohol or drugs - it's blood.

Total votes: 653
Pipe Dream

Richard Wagner Jr. III lives within a prison. Walls of stone and the strong arms of men have their way with the small, frail shell of this man.

Total votes: 588
The Human Fire Extinguisher

In the wake of his parent's divorce, an inarticulate 12 year old tries to win the affection of three cooler kids by making stunt videos, but to his surprise,

Total votes: 564


Total votes: 208
The Mock Room

The short film regards two lawyers that consider on representing an old lady that microwaved her cat and now she seeks compensation.

Total votes: 405

After the passing of her estranged father, Fatima makes an unlikely friend at a hospital, Maria.

Total votes: 441
"It's A Wondrous Life"

Off his pills and on the run from Marie Guvment, Ronald Slayback shows up at the apartment of childhood friend, Trevor Jones, seeking shelter.

Total votes: 84

A writer overcomes his writers block when he is confronted by a mysterious woman rummaging through his poems.

Total votes: 114
Stella Amore

Stella Amore is a girl and her shoe size is 28 and a half.

Total votes: 559
UNTITLED (a film)

‘Fresh from a successful film festival, a super smooth movie producer returns to a day at the office, where in just eight hours, his infidelities & addic

Total votes: 559
The Strange Fate of Eli Jesus

A religious man accidentally breaks all Ten Commandments in one day.

An absurd black comedy about morality and fate.

Total votes: 1121

An aging woman shares a day at the beach with her son's friend and makes a surprising revelation.

Total votes: 561
Granny (Nenek)

Kamariah, the strict head nurse, has to put up with her mischievous overbearing mother, Faridah, who is hospitalized in her building.

Total votes: 698
Moment of Anger

Dave West storms out of his home after another explosive verbal argument with his wife, Diane. He has had it. Heading for a hotel.

Total votes: 100
There's Been A Terrible Mistake

This film is the very definition of a tragicomedy.

Total votes: 317
All the Best

Pastry-shop worker Verica, opera singer Brankica and Martin (Spaniard) are the protagonists of this film-story about loneliness and search for love.

Total votes: 1021
Six and a Half Kitchens

What does love mean in times like ours?

Total votes: 819
Illegal Move

In a fantastical world where chess pieces are at war, an honorable White Knight must save his King from his long lost lover, the Red Queen.

Total votes: 255
The Missing Hand

An unlikely duo must decide what to do with a severed hand they find on a plot of land they intend to build on.

Total votes: 115

In the spirit of the Keystone Kops comes a team of nursing staff as they prepare for a hospital inspection.

Total votes: 1611
Alfonso - I'm happy
Total votes: 316

Sugardaddy is a dark comedy based on the very true story of the time my dad and I got into a fist fight over a cupcake.

Total votes: 776
Who Is Your Favorite Harry Potter Character?

Children share their connections to the characters of Harry Potter.

Total votes: 576
TDEOMMVDH: The Deplorable Existence of Monster Mt. vs Dreamo Hernandez

A solo animation project by new coming artist Bradley Wilkinson.

Total votes: 675
Wrong Number

Guy meets girl who is out of his league

Total votes: 1942
CTV Web series

A raunchy sketch comedy web series about a local low budget TV station operated by a crew of misfits, who struggle to operate their own lives.

Total votes: 174
The Invisible Man (FINAL VERSION)

When he receives a call from a mysterious stranger who imparts a terrible secret, young Abel's life and the legacy of the mad Dr.

Total votes: 430
The Tale of a Corporate Slave

A diabetic call center worker struggles to live a healthier life, despite her television's attempts to bully her into making some horrific choices.

Total votes: 903
Salome, Anula. She Leaves.

The only thing worse than cheating is romanticizing it.

Total votes: 229
The Lotzmann's Uprising

In only one afternoon, early retired Hubert Lotzmann managed to snub his sisters-in-law, surrender his activist daughter to the police, and forget the birthd

Total votes: 485
Burn Panty, Burn

26 year old Sunao is an ordinary businessman who is satisfied with his everyday life, but has low self esteem.

Total votes: 271
Good Business Sense

Tonight, businessman Bartholomew Braniff is making the biggest boardroom presentation of his life: a proposal of marriage to the equally industrious Claudia.

Total votes: 8962
'Yous Got Somethin', Right There'

Two friends try to have a nice meal.

Total votes: 431
Three August Days

The coming-of-age short THREE AUGUST DAYS follows an unlikely attraction between an Estonian girl Eva and a Russian boy Kir in the midst of the fall of Commu

Total votes: 588

A man goes back home, but the gate won't open.

Total votes: 464

An American female teenager had to find out for herself what alternative facts really mean when she

Total votes: 1900


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