A suitcase explores suburbia and finds giant soap bubbles. It befriends the soap bubble girl. They create a show together.

Total votes: 5186

Do you know the feeling of being completely ignored by everyone? Julia turns 21 and her mother reveals an unbelievable family secret.

Total votes: 4873

Carlotta and her class have been assigned the task to draw animals starting with the M.

Total votes: 2246

While on a temporary assignment in Barcelona, a restless travel guide writer meets a tall dark stranger, who proposes her a relationship with an expiration d

Total votes: 1258
L'Ours Noir (The Black Bear)

Rule #1: Never feed bears. Rule #2: Do not approach within 100 meters. Rule #3: Avoid surprising bears. Rule #4: Keep your dog on a leash.

Total votes: 2955
Supporter (Supporter)
Total votes: 688
Solo Sabes Follar (All You Do Is Shag)
Total votes: 2089
Henri (Henri)
Total votes: 584
Total votes: 2578
The Naked Truth About Fairies

Satu is serving probation – as a fairy godmother – for getting wishes very, very wrong.

The Naked Truth About Fairies short film
Total votes: 2124
Director's Cut

An indie filmmaking crew is shooting the first snuff movie with a plot.

Welcome to EXTREME independent filmmaking.
Total votes: 4210
The Summer Before
Total votes: 2691

Bea and Lou like to pretend. Bea thinks Lou plays pretend a little too much... or does she?

Total votes: 1037
Take Back the Knife (work in progress cut)

After surviving separate gruesome incidents, three girls help each other adapt and cope with the scars that were left behind by the slashers, psychopaths, an

Total votes: 1264
India's Son - Joke Singh Discovers a United States of America

This film is about an Indian guy, Joke Singh, traveling through the United States recording real-life interactions with Americans.

Total votes: 1291
Ragnarock's Cabin

A newlywed couple head to a cottage to find it already occupied.

Total votes: 1632

A big, bad man in Beijing is being forced out of his mom's house, unless he brings home a wife. So he tries to buy one.

Total votes: 3800
Outlaws of the Patagonia
Pancho is an independent filmmaker from Buenos Aires which is pushed by his grandfather Fausto, to go after the hidden loot of Butch Cassidy, who lived in
Total votes: 4045
Kumite U.S.A.

A South Korean martial artist named Rein So Pak (Billy Mercier) comes to America to enter a full contact tournament to exact revenge against the man who stol

Total votes: 1440
Dolcezza Extrema

In an unspecified year in the future, the Captain Pixws and his space pirate crew are forced to deliver tanning showers to every corner of the universe.

Total votes: 3104

The story of a group of friends who set out to make their first low-budget horror movie.

Total votes: 3216
Bloody Wings

A mysterious man is sent to protect a woman against her sister's attempts to have her killed. In the process, the man and woman fall in love.

Total votes: 1023

A man struggles to separate the events that are real in his life, with the events that are part of his mental illness.

Total votes: 1443
BKLYN 11211

Emptiness, love, loneliness, friendship, sex…, Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Zip Code: 11211… A road movie across the b-side of the most hipster neighbourghood in

Total votes: 1463

Simon Goodman (Liam Hughes) is a 16-year boy living in a rundown seaside town.

Total votes: 1347
Abby Singer/Songwriter

Total votes: 2357
El Perro Naranja (The Orange Dog)

The orange dog is a film about friendship about love; on conversations drunkenness; on the moments with your partner lack of understanding; about being in lo

Total votes: 864
The Bad Marias

Total votes: 1851

Total votes: 1029
Carpe Diem

Total votes: 1609
Bent Over Neal
Total votes: 754

Dan Zukovic, the cult indie director of The Last Big Thing, returns with another arthouse monster, global film noir Scammerhead, starring Dan Zukovic, Alex R

Total votes: 3223
Once We Were Rome

Rome's history told through the ritual of dressing a Roman legionary... once Rome were caput mundi, but now?

Total votes: 1360
Lovely Rita

The strict traffic policewoman Rita loves control and order in her workplace.

Total votes: 112

Tom, a young accountant explores the world of online dating as he meticulously records, tracks, and categorizes every woman he meets in a spreadsheet.

Total votes: 57
Turbo Cola

AUSTIN MORRIS is foregoing the biggest party of the year to work overtime at the Quality Mart, much to the chagrin of his new girlfriend, Mary Jane.

Total votes: 94
Tomorrow's Game

Although Daniel de la Rosa comes from a family of baseball prestige, he has never appreciated the sport.

Total votes: 131
What We Call Love. Red / Так называемая любовь. Красное

Two unsuccessful Tinder dates turn into one successful.

Total votes: 81
Remember me

Pensioner Halyna has been having memory problems due to Alzheimer's disease for the last few years.

Total votes: 119
Raveena's Revenge

On a first date, Danny becomes increasingly close with Raveena, an alluringly mysterious woman--when suddenly, they get attacked by the Red Reapers: A group

Total votes: 71
...LOVEHOTEL…~The Guide to Japanese Midnight culture~

An affair couple in a love hotel in Japan in 198x. And drawing the activity of the medium who came to investigate the ghost appearing in the room.

Total votes: 102
The City, or The Desperate Renunciation of Reality

A couple of teenagers lead a carefree marginal life in a big city, mocking the bustling modern society.

Total votes: 87
Diversity and Desolation

The award winning true story disclosing how employment discrimination remains the most preventable cause to homelessness and suicide while unveiling the faca

Total votes: 168
Early For Work

In Hoboken New Jersey, the big fish always eat the little fish, when the powerful Mr.

Total votes: 101

Olive is a loud and bombastic proof of concept short for a series. It follows the story of olive, an aspiring singer, whose ego is bigger than her career.

Total votes: 60
She’s An Instagram Model

Lovable nerd Orlando will do anything to keep his Instagram model girlfriend happy, but upon meeting his cooler, richer and more handsome arch nemesis Vladim

Total votes: 130
Ainsi soit-il

The unventfuk world of

Total votes: 346
You Betcha!

“You Betcha!”

Ten-minute web series sitcom pilot.

Total votes: 1012


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