Luz in Latin America

The inspiring story on international bodyboarding star Luz 'Loly' Grande—a young woman on a personal mission to use bodyboarding as a means to improve the li

Total votes: 633
Metaphor of a Life (uncensored/extended)

'Metaphor of a Life' is a fiction that satirically portrays -a biographical documentary- the life of a supposed super-film-star called: The-Kid.

Total votes: 602
Conlon Nancarrow: Virtuoso of the Player Piano

Although little known in the U.S., Conlon Nancarrow is considered 'one of the greatest composers of the 20th century' in Europe.

Total votes: 106
Back To Abstraction

“I think art, if it’s meaningful at all, is a conversation with other artists.

Total votes: 135
The Great Fight

A boxer tries to survive a mysterious and unfair duel.

Total votes: 453
De Rosendo a Rosendo

An exciting trip into the paradoxes of the Western mind through the history of an enigmatic character, Rosendo Salvado, a Spanish benedictine monk, humanist,

Total votes: 241

A promise once made and a vision of a community once upheld have become obsolete. A construct of a family is dissolving.

Total votes: 296
Where Are we Led to

What made immigrants alienated is the way how we are after American dream.

Total votes: 197

“Sobriety can be bad...but it's reality.I had to follow this path, I was born to do what I have done, otherwise I wouldn't be here.

Total votes: 224
The Architect of Urbino

GIANCARLO DE CARLO, anarchist architect, was born in Genova in 1919.

Total votes: 197
The Nanking Massacre (1937 - 1938)

A Visual Essay/documentary based on the true events of The Nanking Massacre (1937-1938), featuring comic book imagery, sound effects, transitions and archive

Total votes: 200
Bullied to Death, by Giovanni Coda

Bullied to Death depicts a 24 hour performance against homophobia through the real stories of teenagers worldwide that experience severe bullying episodes at

Total votes: 181

This documentary, a labor of love written, directed and edited by Hollywood screenwriter and director Bill Phillips (Christine, The Beans of Egypt Maine, The

Total votes: 177
The Landscape Within

Eric Nui Cabales, body-painter, costume designer, photographer and conceptual artist struggles to find new directions after the death of his father.

Total votes: 124
Chernobler Einikle. The Descendant

'Chernobler Einikle.

Total votes: 183
A Question of Sunlight

A Question of Sunlight juxtaposes the jarring memories of 9/11 with the haunting trauma of the Holocaust. ...

Total votes: 192
Moment of Clarity

“Moment of Clarity” is about not following through on epiphanies.

Total votes: 205
Yau King

Is it really a blessing for one to live for over hundred years?

Total votes: 737

SNUGGLE shows the value difference of ‘life and death’ between two generations.

Total votes: 750
The others . . . and the others

What does it mean to be the 'other' in any country, at anytime?

Total votes: 293
ghostdance for a new century

A fusion of film and video, this experimental work is a digital re-imagining of my 16mm silent film of 1978 filmed originally in Canyon de Chelly and inspire

Total votes: 718
Never More: The story of New's Divin

In 2008, a new unified police force was created in Mexico City.

Total votes: 240
Hildegart or Project: Superwoman

In 1933 Aurora Rodriguez shot and killed her 17-year-old daughter Hildegart when the girl refused to continue living the life her mother had planned for her.

Total votes: 331
Everything in the Song is True

Four iconic cowboys whose music, art and way of life sustain vital connection to the folk culture that defines the American frontier.

Total votes: 890
'Spikes at Her Elbow'

An Asian woman engineering graduate struggles to find and keep a job in a white male dominated profession during the late 1970's.

Total votes: 171
Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden - Puddy McFadden License to Golf

Fallen PGA superstar Puddy McFadden gets a second chance at the Viagra Classic, but learns he's been cursed by the ancient forefathers of golf itself and fin

Total votes: 252

none please delete this entry

Total votes: 148
The Promised Band

A group of upstart women with dubious musical skills use a fake band as a cover story to cross forbidden borders into each other’s tangled lives in Israel an

Total votes: 801

“Tony” is an impressionistic documentary film portrait focusing on identity, creativity, and loss within a personal family history.

Total votes: 143
A Voice From Mauthausen

One of the first U.S.

Total votes: 239

One of the first US Navy frogmen fights to survive missions behind Axis lines in World War II, as well as incarceration at the Nazis' Mauthausen concentratio

Total votes: 220
Analogies: Hany Abu Assad on The Idol

Palestinian born director Hany Abu Assad on his 2015 film 'The Idol' and his own life

Total votes: 290

A journey into the United Arab Emirates' past and how the leadership of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan planted love in the nation and the people regardless of their

Total votes: 652
Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton

“Travis” is a 90-minute documentary film recounting the now world-famous 1975 UFO abduction of Travis Walton and the impact it has had on his life over the i

Total votes: 412
Where Happiness Lies

Russel Neswick, sculptor, entrepreneur and artist is revealed in this portrait of loss, creativity and love.

Total votes: 122
Don't Love

A guy who is against the loving commitment, explains his reasons by showing different situations with different women that he has been with during his life.

Total votes: 217
Al di la' del risultato

'Beyond the outcome' is my first work.

Total votes: 188
3000 Faces

3000 Faces is the story of Jan Leighton, the most famous man nobody ever heard of.

Total votes: 583

2045 km, 74 days, -50°C. From November 14, 2014 to January 27, 2015, Stéphanie Gicquel skied across Antarctica through the South Pole.

Total votes: 228
The Eighth Step

Seven steps to complete an artwork.

Total votes: 154
Two Lines by Jose Marti

Recounting his attempt to aid a homeless woman, a disillusioned youth struggles to assess the morality of his actions.

Total votes: 187
Liza ruft!

“Liza ruft!” is a moving and thought-provoking documentary film about the Holocaust, Jewish resistance and commemoration politics in Lithuania and the first

Total votes: 324
The Los Angeles Diaries

Based on the popular memoir of the same name, THE LOS ANGELES DIARIES is an intimate, dark and ultimately hopeful, true story of novelist James Brown's dysfu

Total votes: 161

This is a portrait of Lex: A seventy-year-old, Filipino artist who is currently homeless in New York City.

Total votes: 281
Insatiable: The Homaro Cantu Story

Chef and inventor Homaro Cantu helped put Chicago on the culinary map when he opened his first restaurant “Moto” and became a celebrity chef in his late twen

Total votes: 142
All that Glitters (special edition)

A documentary about twin sisters with Cerebral Palsy who are being considered for major roles in a Hollywood motion picture.

Total votes: 251


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