A Sense of Self - Growing Up in Five Points

This isn't your traditional documentary, this is what is called a Linear Ethnography. It is the cutting edge of Visual Anthropology.

Total votes: 217
'Skin on Skin'

“Skin on Skin” is a short film about the dreams that lie just beneath our skin.

Total votes: 254
'Gianni Berengo Gardin: My Life in a Click'

'My life in a click' it's a very unique documentary on the life of a famous italian photographer Gianni Berengo Gardin.The movie is narrated by his leica cam

Total votes: 211
Charlie & Sam

In 2016, fewer than 5% of American WWII veterans remain alive.

Total votes: 125
Growing up FAT and Albanian

A movie that's messy, complicated, violent... a movie about FAMILY.

Total votes: 113
Where Have You Gone Lou DiMaggio?

From 1985 to1989 Lou DiMaggio, no relation to baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, was a regular at the iconic “Catch a Rising Star” comedy club in New York City.

Total votes: 153
'One Word'

'One word' Is a film about how art helps a student express himself to his peers in a unique way.

Total votes: 398
An American Solo

Official Selection – 2017 Normandie-WWII Film Festival in France.

Total votes: 127
Lane 1974

At 13 years old and the eldest of three kids, Lane struggles to keep her family together as her iconoclast mother moves without warning through the communes

Total votes: 152
Torrey Pines

Torrey Pines is a stop-motion animated feature film by director Clyde Petersen.

Total votes: 139
Just Like Us

This documentary explores Camp Tatiyee and the importance of empowering those living with special needs.

Total votes: 201
Jonathan Silver: Infidel in the Studio

An intimate portrait of the enigmatic figurative sculptor Jonathan Silver

Total votes: 149
Walking on Water

The flood of 1966 in Florence through the eyes, the camera and the creativity of Beppe Fantacci, who helped the worldwide famous artisans of Florence to surv

Total votes: 234
The Art of Creation

17 year old aspiring filmmaker Felix Gomez is in the process of creating a short documentary about the passion for creation and the beauty of art.

Total votes: 173


Total votes: 138
Does the Sand Hear the Waves?

Journey of a girl raised in an Eastern culture, but who resides in a Western country.

Total votes: 142
I Wish I Was That Bird

A self-taught artist struggles with mental illness and family trauma.

Total votes: 125
Angels Of The Sky

The true life story of WWII pilots from the 8th Air Force, who were shot down over German territory and became POWs...told through the survivors themselves!<

Total votes: 78

These personal stories illustrate how a generation of culturally mixed school children went from being scattered all over the world by a revolution, to findi

Total votes: 270
Sheep in Fog

Film Director Ted destroys everything he touches, including the women in his life.

Total votes: 308
Unstoppable Irving Fields

Legendary musician Irving Fields decides to resurge his career - at age 99!

Total votes: 116
Hollow Dog

Maurice Blik was a man tortured by memories of the past. This is the story of how a therapist, art and some bronze horses saved him.

Total votes: 140
Blockbuster - A Life in Moving Pictures

This is the life story of Vlado, born behind the Iron Curtain in Kuřim, in the former Czechoslovakia.

Total votes: 315
The Nuclear Family

Ari M. Beser is the grandson of Lt. Jacob Beser, the only U.S. serviceman aboard both atomic bomb-carrying B-29s.

Total votes: 555
The Drover's Boy

This award-winning hybrid documentary is based on a ballad by Australian bush legend Ted Egan.

Total votes: 170
Buzz One Four

Crashed planes, lost nuclear bombs, and an Air Force cover-up: a filmmaker unpacks the secret history of how his grandfather nearly blew-up the eastern seabo

Total votes: 185
ARMOR: Biracial in the Deep South

Four women share their experiences of being biracial in the post segregationist American South.

Total votes: 211
Theatre Beyond Walls with Paul Thompson

This 45-minute documentary examines the radical beginnings of the alternative Theatre Passe Muraille in Toronto in the 1960's and then the 'Paul Thompson sty

Total votes: 157

In the mountain forest of Udzungwa in Tanzania, Ruben, a former poacher, now works together with researchers from around the world to help conserve the fores

Total votes: 785
Modern Persecution

Committed to an insane asylum by her reverend husband, a mother of five must dig deep within to survive -- and escape. Based on a true story.

Total votes: 250

Robert Bly: A Thousand Years of Joy is the first comprehensive film portrait of Robert Bly that presents his many engagements with American culture: as outst

Total votes: 92
Love Somehow

'Genius is a terrible thing'. The life of Caitlin Thomas, the wife of the infamous Welsh poet Dylan Thomas

Total votes: 158

Contigo is a waltz with family and tradition, close to the South Texas border.

Total votes: 195

Singer and musician Tomas Jensen returns to Buenos Aires Argentina after 40 years in exile, his parents having fled the military dictatorship when he was six

Total votes: 186

Leaving behind Saint Petersburg Wasilij drives to the north of Russia to see his grandma’s house where he spent his childhood days.

Total votes: 239
Fight In The Dog

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes but rarely from the same club.Wanderers Football club is unique in that it has had three rugby players who all played for

Total votes: 223

Set in a therapists office, a tormented man reluctantly opens up about his abandonment issues deriving from his Greek biological father.

Total votes: 140
The 2 of Us

'More than just a performance piece, this work has been an intense process of self-discovery'.The film follows the development of the live performances of Th

Total votes: 124
Lunar Orbit

Lunar Orbit takes us into the Ultraworld of the pioneers of ambient house music.

Total votes: 153

The life, struggle and challenges of one the world’s best MMA coach to overcome obstacles and fight for the podium.Andre Pederneiras leads a successful team

Total votes: 127
Spokoynoy Nochi

This film is my personal story, that I decided to share with the world.

Total votes: 266
In The Wood

In the wood is a short documentary / portrait film about the legendary Baltimore rap artist 'NOE'.

Total votes: 168
Dear Sylvia

After losing her memory and her way of life, a former Broadway actress is given a final chance to perform.

Total votes: 131
Diario Portuense (Diary of Porto)

A two week diary in Porto recorded entirely with an iPhone, raising questions of nowadays exposure, autobiography, confession and social media while capturin

Total votes: 191
Borge Mogensen - Designs for life

Børge Mogensen - Designs for lifeThe story of the man behind the design classics is also a piece of contemporary history about a Denmark in transition – and

Total votes: 704

A father's revelation that he ill prepared his ethnic kids for the current racial encumbrance in the U.S.

Total votes: 90
The Kids Aren't Alright

Four young girls from Ayrshire in Scotland deal with their difficult pasts.

Total votes: 226
Loving Carmen

Narrated by the British actor Ben Cross the film unveils the very first interpretations of Carmen and her place in the early development of the recording ind

Total votes: 608


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