Hollywood icon. Brilliant outcast. Reluctant rebel--Dennis Hopper in his own words.

Total votes: 74
The Grand Duchess Olga in the land of the Maple Leaf

‘The Grand Duchess Olga in the land of the Maple Leaf’ - a documentary about the Toronto life of the sister of Tsar Nicholas II and the aunt of the legendary

Total votes: 202
The Frog in the Pond

Nina Van Rensselaer discusses her life and art collection, particularly the work of the California Funk artists she met and befriended while a graduate stude

Total votes: 200
He is my god too

Assi Azar, who married his partner this last summer in Barcelona, is out to examine the possibility of bridging the gaps and tension between same-sex relatio

Total votes: 426
Curiosity, Adventure & Love

One woman’s journey through a century of love, war and discovery.Curiosity, Adventure & Love is a the story of a woman raised by fate to go boldly where

Total votes: 725
Pillow case

This is not a making off, this is not a love song.The story of 3 years creation and loneliness...

Total votes: 278

WHITELEY is a visual journey into the life and legacy of the trailblazing Australian artist, Brett Whiteley.

Total votes: 114
The Boys Film

An autobiopic documentary about two adopted twin boys who travel across the country to visit their birth relatives for the first time.

Total votes: 125
Ekerwald -beyond the words

92 year old author gives us hope by never stops being curious, tells us secrets of life and how he fell in love again at 87.

Total votes: 699
Lake of Fleeting Lights

The documentary is an introspective journey in Time with Joy Goswami, a leading Indian poet, through his writings, his memories and dreams.

Total votes: 450
'Don't Sell My Guitars'

A beloved country musician whispers a final request to his wife.

Total votes: 579
Who Is The Superhero?

A trailer of a movie ever shoot.

Total votes: 359

GANDHI'S GIFT shows the Master of Nonviolence at the end of his life, on the brink of attaining his lifelong goal of independence from the British but with h

Total votes: 410
The Cradle of Cultivation

All you need to make a film is a girl and a gun.

Total votes: 148

The early story of Jackson Pollock’s niece, Brooklyn-born Rena “Rusty” Glickman, the only person of the Jewish Faith to receive

Total votes: 282
Here's To Life! - The Story of the Refreshments

A documentary about a band that had a hit in the mid 90's and then seemingly disappeared...

Total votes: 64
My brother's voice

Francesca and Massimo, a young couple from a small rural town in the area around Rome, lost their only child, Riccardo, to a fatal accident.

Total votes: 167
'Throughout The Years'

This is the story of the friendship between two legends of cuban music.

Total votes: 187
Urmila - my memory is my power

Urmila was a domestic slave for 12 years of her life. Now she is 24 years old and wants to change her country Nepal for the better.

Total votes: 680
Unbroken Ties

A few decades ago the Police in Dortmund closed the file on the case 'Schnitger', with the annotation: 'unsolved'.

Total votes: 174
Tribal Justice

Two formidable Native American women, both chief judges in their tribe's courts, strive to reduce incarceration rates and heal their people by restoring rath

Total votes: 631
Jean | Short Film

Growing up in an intercity community, you'd expect cliche' films about gang violence, poverty, etc.

Total votes: 147

SynopsisLudovico, a painter, is to have an anthological retrospective organise by an important Venetian foundation.

Total votes: 119
A Volatile Tale

Drawn as we are into myriads of digital contacts pausing at a window reveals that looking and listening makes you see what you would not see.

Total votes: 151
Headhunting William Jones

This 90-min documentary video is a character study of a Native American anthropologist researching the Ilongot headhunters (now known as the Bugkalot) in the

Total votes: 980
A day in the life of Mick Mick

How you see depends a great deal on where you are.

Total votes: 391
Beuys frames

Destruction of nature, health emergencies, wars, terrorist attacks... Joseph Beuys foresaw our most evil afflictions and suggested possible solutions.

Total votes: 166

The real life story of a young California man becoming a super star in the adult film world while being a family man finding out going independent against ma

Total votes: 582
Itchi - my path

The essay film ITCHI- MY PATH reveals the artistic world of Vera Dobroschke, her collaborations with Robert Wilson, and her life in a wheel chair.

Total votes: 266
Drawing Against Oblivion

The Austrian Artist Manfred Bockelmann has a mission:he wants to retrieve from oblivion the innumerable children who were murdered by the Nazis and then fade

Total votes: 470
Searching for the Animal

Searching for the Animal unveils a profound secret about gender violence during the past five decades in Colombia, through Victor Gaviria's creative process

Total votes: 702

Keith (46) looks for his father's footprints (deceased a few years ago) by the testimony of five women in three continents.

Total votes: 192
Jack London: American Original

Jack London, rises from poverty to become the highest paid, most popular and most controversial author in the world.

Total votes: 134

A refugee stores her memories in boxes that are animated to life when she revisits them in her secret room.

Total votes: 381
A Product of Me

'A Product of Me: The Movie' is a film about the interracial friendship between Levi, who is Caucasian (played by Teddy Gathmann) and Clyde, who is African A

Total votes: 168
Lazarus- Pilot Episode

Wrongly convicted Lazarus Walker spent 15 years on death row before having his conviction nullified.

Total votes: 303
Christmas gift for Dax Diaz

Takes you through the loss of a young puertorrican singer song writer.

Total votes: 601
To.Pas - A Ship in the Garden

60's Generation ‒ Michael, a mechanical wizard and Sabine, his very supportive wife ‒ want to build a boat to travel around the world.

Total votes: 203
Sans le Kosovo (Without Kosovo)

My father and I take the road to retrace his exile as a 19-year-old refugee from Kosovo in 1968.

Total votes: 313
Maju Terus! / Go For It!

Moluccas exiles in The Netherlands have been labeled as failures.

Total votes: 633
Chosen (Custody of the Eyes)

A coming-of-age story, a former blogger shares her journey, on camera, into a cloistered religious order that seeks anonymity and observes silence

Total votes: 357
Finish Line: The Rise and Demise of Off-Track Betting

'Finish Line: The Rise and Demise of Off-Track Betting' is the only documentary film to tell the story of the defunct OTB system in New York, and show why it

Total votes: 450
Discovering Destiny

Discovering Destiny is a compelling film documentary which chronicles one man's journey to overcome childhood abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, and gang aff

Total votes: 65
Finding the Right Track

100 years on, are we any closer to “closing the gap”?

Total votes: 179

Ironhead documents the creative work of ironmonger Kelly Ludeking and the happenings at his Down on the Farm Iron Pour, a yearly communal gathering of local

Total votes: 125
Seeking Rebirth

'Seeking Rebirth' follows artist Antonio Del Prete as he creates his next masterpiece.

Total votes: 119
Ed's Whale

A small city poet finds direction in his writing and a children's book entitled Walter the Whale with Wings.

Total votes: 221
Edie, Scum, Boyz of Andy Warhol To Se Vrati (3 parts)

on screener Edie, (01:45:00) Scum, (03:25:40) Boyz of Andy Warhol To Se Vrati (3 parts).

Total votes: 605


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