A nameless protagonist within a claustrophobic, oppressive domestic setting begins a journey of sexual and gender awakening.

Total votes: 143
Reindeer in my Saami Heart

Inghilda Tapio is one of the last generation of Saami born into a nomadic reindeer herding family in the Arctic Circle, and has spent a lifetime writing and

Total votes: 429
Dirty Freedom

Twenty-one strangers from polarized walks of life came together with one thing in common, they were courageous, strong, and perseverant women, who were ready

Total votes: 1138
Confessions of a Sugar Baby

Jordan Taylor, Yasmeen Amari, and a third sugar baby who wishes to remain anonymous, have suffered from emotional and physical abuse.

Total votes: 470
MARIA - Don't Forget I Come from The Tropics

The film explores the relationship between Maria Martins’ life and art (1894-1973), now recognized as one of the greatest Brazilian sculptors, and her etchin

Total votes: 391
Vagabong: The American Pipe Dream

Vagabong: The American Pipe Dream is a short documentary film that follows glass artist JD Maplesden on a journey down the entire west coast collaborating wi

Total votes: 93
Raven Awakens

Building the sculpture is one thing... becoming an artist is something different.

Total votes: 73
Ready-mades with Interest

When the filmmaker found a 1967 concert ticket in Vienna, this set her on a musico-historical journey in Austria that eventually led her back home to Scotlan

Total votes: 516
Uncommon Grace: The Life of Flannery O'Connor

Insightful biography of Flannery O'Connor, one of America's most powerful storytellers.

Total votes: 352
Vagrich and the Black Square

The film is a collage, an essay and a documentary in tribute to 'artist of word' Vagrich Bakhchanyan.

Total votes: 220
Sardari's Enigma..

Mystery of Abdol Hossein Sardari - an Iranian Consul in Paris who risked his life to save many Iranian and non-Iranian Jews from the German racial policy dur

Total votes: 530
Prysia's Garden

A quiet rumination on exile, photography and transplanting roots, this short tells the story of two women: an aging refugee, and a photographer/daughter of r

Total votes: 196
Becoming A Spartan

After losing his brother to Cystic Fibrosis, CF Patient Chris Love begins running Spartan Races with his team, The CF Spartans, to raise awareness for Cystic

Total votes: 442
ME, MY FATHER AND THE CARIOCAS - 70 Years of Music in Brazil

Famous composer Tom Jobim said that “all music is a reflection of its time”, the documentary show the culture of this extremely musical nation was shaped by

Total votes: 244
I, Lucas

A courageous self-portrait of a drunk: Me.

Total votes: 541

A man and a woman's love story,About the existence of love and the feeling of life.The film tries to remove the dramatic,Remove the plot,Remove the show.Use

Total votes: 362
Longshot: The Brian Upson Story

In 1982, the West Vancouver Highlanders were in the provincial championship game against a cross town rival.

Total votes: 474
Portrait of Snow

A serendipitous encounter with a younger artist gives legendary Canadian art icon Michael Snow the opportunity to reflect on his life and career.

Total votes: 170
KEN DEWEY - This Is A Test

This is the untold story of a visionary artist who elegantly raged against the machine.

Total votes: 531
January, an Invention of the Year 2016

'January, an Invention of the year 2016' is one of the 12 shorts films that will compose Jean Seban's next feature about time 'Ganga 2019'.

Total votes: 589
December, an Invention of the Year 2016

The last month of my father's life.

Total votes: 497
Symphony of Painting of Vadym Kucher-Kutsan

This film is about the art work of the great painter from Odessa city - Vadym Kucher-Kutsan, whose genius of paintings has been recognized worldwide.

Total votes: 512
Bill Viola: The Road to St Paul's

A powerful, moving film about the world's greatest video artist Bill Viola and his wife and collaborator as they embark on a twelve year odyssey to create an

Total votes: 103

The wrongly-termed Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) left more than a million dead and over 500 thousand refugees, of which some 20 thousand are taken in by Mexi

Total votes: 471

Tells the story of Whitney Houston's extraordinary life and tragic death.

Total votes: 211
Stateless Klaus Rozsa, Photographer

Klaus Rózsa, a politically active photographer, lived in Zurich for decades as a stateless individual.

Total votes: 569
The Charcoal Maker

A 37 year-old Canadian writer is taught how to make charcoal by a 14 year-old boy in the Philippines.

Total votes: 441
Life Prescribed

The true story of one man's fall into prescription pain-killers and the war it waged on his soul and marriage.

Total votes: 86
The Home

The whole life of the host is subordinated to invisible work of his fetishes.

Total votes: 592
The Michael Jackson Magical Moon-Tour

The avant-garde documentary is a dramatized interview between Michael Jackson and an interviewer named Eve.

Total votes: 108

Don´t give up and do your best with love.

Total votes: 380
The Scientist of Sound

Thursday 27th of October 2016 – Teatro Espace, Turin (IT)Mulatu Astatke is a musician, composer, arranger and Ethiopia’s cultural ambassador.He’s known as th

Total votes: 557
I'm Here To Stay

A day in the long memory life of a 105-year-old woman

Total votes: 181
ROAD BACK (English)

Two addicts from opposite walks of life forge a real life bond with sobriety that gets tested to brink of disaster by a heroin relapse.

Total votes: 71
Tilly's Symphony

A determined 14 year old pursues her passion of music composition while living with Cerebral Palsy, ADHD and Aspergers.

Total votes: 117
Still and All

This stop-motion film is a mother’s letter to her daughter who died the day she was born.

Total votes: 161

A wily 87-year-old New Yorker, Judith Godwin, is one of the rare women from the 1950’s Abstract Expressionist Movement.

Total votes: 136
The Pillars of Heaven

Documentary Film 'The Pillars of Heaven'A young and disillusioned British diplomat abandons his diplomatic career, spends his own money, and risks his very l

Total votes: 630
Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

The world's most beautiful woman was also the secret inventor of secure wifi, bluetooth and GPS communications, but her arresting looks stood in the way of h

Total votes: 226
Behind the Woods and Across the Sea

Born Onufry Filipovich in the Russian Empire, Owen Phillips came to America alone, with nothing, at the age of 16.

Total votes: 112
The invention of the Year 2016

A film about time, and especially about next year.

Total votes: 348
MORITZ DANIEL OPPENHEIM (Director's cut -- extended version)

For the first time ever a documentary feature is dedicated to Moritz Daniel Oppenheim who made history being credited as ‘the first Jewish painter‘ as well a

Total votes: 262
TV series 'Gogol'


Total votes: 604


Total votes: 353
The Red Thread

'The Red Thread' is about how fragile we are as children and how strongly that time affects us the rest of our lives.

Total votes: 684
Mah e mir

Embrace your madness

Total votes: 1082

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, élodie turned her suffering and fears into a creative fight against the disease and the debilitating effect

Total votes: 403
Beyond the Limelight

Grammy Award winning violinist James Ehnes decided that for his 40th birthday he would tour every province and territory in Canada, in his most ambitious rec

beyond the limelight documentary james ehnes
Total votes: 2653


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