Uncle Jessie White - Portrait of a Delta Blues Man in Detroit

Uncle Jessie White - Portrait of a Delta Bluesman in Detroit is a documentary film about the late Jessie White, an influential blues artist who has had a p

Total votes: 1230

The film starts off with an intense workout in an old and almost abandoned training cabin.

Total votes: 1077
Good Thinking, Those Who've Tried to Halt Nuclear Weapons

Feature Length documentary about those who've tried to halt nuclear weapons.

Total votes: 2144

This is the story of a man who changed the world forever and paid for it with all that he had.

Total votes: 966
The queen of salons

This is the extraordinary tale of sixty years of our history through the adventurous social ascent of a girl coming from nowhere.

Total votes: 437
Barry & Joan

An Untold British Story...

Total votes: 2695
Me Duele La Memoria

They had to flee, fight for their lives, resist or go into exile.

Total votes: 5331
The Rockstar of Real Estate

It's no secret that California's Bay Area has been the nation's hottest housing market for the past decade.

Total votes: 142
I Stand With Jessy

This documentary follows a young, low income, immigrant single mother of three who discovers she has breast cancer.

Total votes: 473
sing our song

Songs and memories can be loving and painful companions. In advanced age the childhoodbecomes matter of interest and awareness again.

Total votes: 849
A Few Stanzas To Our Mothers

Film is a dedication to our mothers.

Total votes: 907
The Death of Melvin

Consisting of mixed media and interviews conducted primarily over the phone, 'The Death of Melvin' is a story of war, family, Judaism, and the many ways in w

Total votes: 1152
Kokoschka, Life-Work

A painter and writer, a moralist, teacher and committed citizen marked by two world wars, persecution and exile, an indefatigable vagabond, the senses always

Total votes: 188
Strange Case

The film as a metaphor of life, the last surreal journey into consciousness.

Total votes: 425
Sayakbay - Homer of 20th century

The film tells about young Chingiz Aitmatov's coming for a visit to the great storyteller Sayakbay Karalaev to understand the value and greatness of the epic

Total votes: 419
Little Deaths

A dancer suffering from 'little deaths' chooses to dance through struggles again and again. “Dance! Dance!

Total votes: 398
Melody Makers


Melody Maker
Total votes: 3071
Haiku on a Plum Tree

Tokyo 1943: Italian anthropologist Fosco Maraini and painter Topazia Alliata refused to sign allegiance to Mussolini’s government.

Total votes: 399
Dichotomy Brewing: A Keith R. Booker Story
    Total votes: 65847
    Singer and musician Tomás Jensen returns to Buenos Ai
    Total votes: 1311
    Fragments of a German life

    A family tragedy happening within the structure of our German society.

    Total votes: 306
    Goodbye, Darling

    Inspired by the true story of love, loss and the fallout of war.Goodbye, Darling is one day in the enduring love story of IrishVolunteer, Michael Joseph O’Ra

    Total votes: 694
    Finding Liz

    A portrait painter whose creative life is ground to a halt after accepting the gift of a very large sofa into her 19 century painter's studio takes time out

    Total votes: 130
    Mascot Fur Life

    A mockumentary about a mascot underdog who dreams of becoming a pro soccer mascot.

    Total votes: 1033
    The Granary

    An agoraphobic man is trapped inside an old granary by his own fears, and attempts to fight his demons with creativity and inspiration.

    Total votes: 954
    The Silent Eye

    The Silent Eye is a highly intimate, impressionistic portrait of the unspoken rapport between Cecil Taylor and Min Tanaka - two masters of their form, at wor

    Total votes: 946
    Tara- A Journey into Gender, Identity, Art & Noise

    A documentary that interweaves identity, gender, art and the musical subgenre- noise.

    Total votes: 803

    Your regrets, if faced in the right way, will move you forward.

    Total votes: 349
    Mein Vater - A Journey

    I don't know what it’s like to have a father. In this roadmovie-documentary I collect memories and stories about him.

    Total votes: 296

    1 in 6 couples trying to have children have difficulty conceiving, making it one of the most common medical problems.

    Total votes: 151

    Wilma, the story of a Black Canadian.

    Total votes: 789
    4 Dancers' Dreams

    4 aspiring young dancers pursue their dreams to become professionals.

    Total votes: 1262
    The Activists: War, Peace, and Politics in the Streets

    This film chronicles the lives of activists in the United States who opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11.

    Total votes: 399
    In My Mother's House

    On a random Thursday in 2005, Lina Fruzzetti received a startling email that read, “If this is your father, we are cousins.” Attached was a photo of her fath

    Total votes: 1024
    Beyond the Backyard

    An immersive exploration of past, present, and future told through a young boy’s imaginative cerebral journey.

    Total votes: 106
    Waking a Monster

    A bittersweet puppet-portrayal of a man's fascination with the classic movie monsters from his childhood.

    Total votes: 599

    The poet, playwright and spy lives in two worlds at a time when politics was religion and vice-versa.

    Total votes: 161
    The Jackson 5... Million

    Winner of Best Documentary Feature Award at the Great Western Catskills International Film Festival.

    Total votes: 2742
    Growing up Hmong at the Crossroads

    Four children of former Hmong refugees embark on life-altering journeys to construct and perform a sense of place in the community and the world, in globally

    Total votes: 1007
    Fruition - The Life and Dreams of Nicolas Mueller

    Nicolas Mueller is a professional snowboarder. This film is a gift to the true spirit of the sport. May we all celebrate it.

    Total votes: 851
    Love On The Line

    This embroidered animated documentary looks at a couple and how they first met each other online.

    Total votes: 158
    Going the Distance: Journeys of Recovery

    'Going the Distance: Journeys of Recovery' is an hour-long character-driven documentary exploring the dramatic but little understood phenomenon of traumatic

    Total votes: 404
    Voyage of the Southern Sun

    Adventurer of the Year, Michael Smith discovered the delights and perils of true adventure in a solo circumnavigation in his tiny amphibious flying boat, Sou

    Total votes: 143
    Edge of Obedience

    Ahmad Zakii Anwar wants to paint the nude and other taboos in homeland Malaysia.

    Total votes: 487
    Angel Wagenstein: Art is a Weapon

    The improbably adventurous life of Bulgarian film artist Angel Wagenstein is one of the great untold stories of world cinema.

    Total votes: 1138
    Life Through A Lens

    Life Through a Lens follows Robert’s journey with APBD and how he has chosen to face it.

    Total votes: 487


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