Colorado Counties: A Journey in Watercolor

Artist/musician Ronnie Cramer spent years traveling throughout Colorado ("by foot, Jeep and Harley-Davidson") and painted a scene in each of the state's 64 c

Total votes: 305

The central theme of the documentary is the reproduction and the survival of the past.

Total votes: 187
Round Three

Ofira is a newly retired art teacher, who, for the first time in her life, will put herself outside her comfortable routine.

Total votes: 3439
Take Me In Your Arms

Take Me In Your Arms is a tale about the spaces between our togetherness.

Total votes: 263
Tara - A journey into identity, gender, art and noise

A documentary that interweaves identity, gender, art and the musical subgenre- noise.

Total votes: 1125

Five hundred years of world art in five minutes, featuring three dozen iconic works rendered with nylon-tip pen and animated old school style.

Total votes: 871

A short film about an artist, a painter who struggles with her own creativity and self-judgment.

Total votes: 234
Sailor, Sufi, Spy

Sailor, Sufi, Spy is a documentary portrait of Robert Darr —a teacher of traditional wooden boat building and of traditional Sufi spirituality in Northern Ca

Total votes: 1661

Somewhere in remote village of 21st century Africa, so many things have changed under influence of modernisation and urbanisation.

Total votes: 692
An Echo of theModern Part 1

This film takes an abstract look at how colonialism's left its former subjects in a state of disarray.

Total votes: 1106
Aphra and Aradia

Aphra, a young woman in search of her sister’s ghost, travels to an island to meet a witch, Aradia.

Total votes: 4463

Physical laws are the basis of our being. In particular, the various forms of energy enable life and evolution, social communities and communication.

Total votes: 10773

“Rain“ is an audiovisual synaesthetic study that attempts to present various aspects of human perception in a concrete and an abstract sense.

Total votes: 10362

A skiers reflection

Total votes: 3336
The Man From Death

A poor, dumb sap, Elijah Stryder and his wife, Mrs. Stryder, are attacked by the nefarious Ailester Hall and left for dead in the wild wild west.

Total votes: 48460
Melody Makers


Melody Maker
Total votes: 3135

Shot in a single take and entirely in close-up, the film follows

Total votes: 937
Peter, a round friend

Peter is a toilet in the ladies room of a pub and while unsuccessfully trying to talk and connect to women he’s dreaming about seeing the world.

Total votes: 5893
Dichotomy Brewing: A Keith R. Booker Story
    Total votes: 66518
    Where do we feel at home?
    Total votes: 3460
    ces petits riens

    There is always something absent that torments her. Maxine (28)

    a writer who lives in Paris, suffers from solitude, she only

    Total votes: 4073

    Millions of sand grains leap into motion by the magical tone at 2,750 Hz. Patterns arise. Shapes appear.

    Total votes: 8493
    Lines of Sight - 1 Hour

    'Lines of Sight' reveals a daring new painting style developed by Jim Hall, an American artist who died in August, 2017 at the age of 84.

    Total votes: 4478
    Beuys frames

    Destruction of nature, health emergencies, wars, terrorist attacks... Joseph Beuys foresaw our most evil afflictions and suggested possible solutions.

    Total votes: 177
    Dark Nebula A 268

    A view into deep space.

    Total votes: 1535
    Butoh Daemon

    An entity dances in an infinite space, dissolving and reconfiguring from form to form.

    Total votes: 1311
    Drawing Against Oblivion

    The Austrian Artist Manfred Bockelmann has a mission:he wants to retrieve from oblivion the innumerable children who were murdered by the Nazis and then fade

    Total votes: 489

    A young priest in a rural parish of Ecuador decides to change his life and transforms itself into a version of his alter ego, Jackie Kennedy, discovering a h

    Total votes: 3446


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