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What the Sea Left Behind


Andrea and Valentina are comforting themselves under the sheets: Valentina is alone, a runaway from an anxious mother and a violent father.Andrea is at war against the world, as a reaction to the cursed doom of his family. Now, his father is dying, and the only safeline could come only from the heart of a donor.And he is waiting. Estela works in the hospital corridors: she cleans stairs, hallways and waiting rooms. Usually, she is calm and dedicated to her work, but today anxiety has seized upon uninterrupted attempts to find her daughter. Estela hasn’t seen her for a week and she is going to call the police.Antonio lives the sudden death of his wife Angela. Pulled up from his routine, he arrives at the hospital when the worst has already happened. Still unwilling to accept this reality, he is forced to pick a choice that he never considered. He will find some aspects out about his wife behavior that he didn’t know before. The doubts and the choices of the characters will influence each other, in a choral story that revolves around the border between death and rebirth.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Simone Rivoire
Writers: Simone Rivoire, Giulio Arcopinto
Producers: Vincenzo Caruso
Key cast: Fabrizio Falco,Toni Garrani,Marcela Serli,Roberta Lanave,Alberto Astorri

Total votes: 209

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