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A volte nel buio (sometimes in the dark)


A remote village in the mountains. A community affected by a mysterious illness. Sudden deaths among the inhabitants of the township. The fear of them all. Gorecki, chief of the sick people, strangely gets attached to Giacomo, an “healthy” boy, as he sees in the young boy a chance for redemption and salvation. Giacomo’s kidnapping will then stir up the furious reaction of the inhabitants, who are determined to respond in inexorable and ultimate way to the vexations and mistreats they have been suffering from for a long while. However, sometimes the desire for revenge is so strong to survive even death...


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Carmine Cristallo Scalzi Writers: Carmine Cristallo Scalzi, Mario Cristallo Scalzi Producers: faidenblass Key cast: Anna Bellato, Maurizio Comito, Lino Sirianni, Vincenzo Muraca, Serena Cianflone

Total votes: 2665

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