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Tomorrow and the Butterfly


A somehow artistic personality, Davide Bollati, chairman of Italian cosmetic company Davines, has got a peculiar vision of beauty industry: “How can you have beauty without sustainability? They go around well together because you cannot have one without the other.”

In six episodes the film tells stories which involve him and his peculiar vision of business and ethics.

While in Parma takes place the construction of the Davines Village, the new venue of the company designed by archi-star Matteo Thun, other tales unfold.

A group of slow-food growers, financed by Davines and driven by Cristina Pellizzari, are trying to save an ancient species of olive tree in Tuscany.

In Cambodia, Matthew Fairfax, an entrepreneur in the world of hairdressing, tries to save young boys and girls who are traffic sex survivals, giving them the chance of learning a job.

In USA Chelsea Pickthorn and Jocelyn Simone discover new indie music bands all over the US and help them create their own new look.

Back in Parma Davines R&D department works on the project of a new super-sustainable shampoo. Strongly wanted by CEO Paolo Braguzzi, this product is thought for having a very low impact on natural environment, yet the project is quite hard to finalize and it risks to become a never ending story.

Following this stories, we perceive that Davide Bollati’s view of life as a constant research for something that is not here and now, but always yet to come is the real connection between all the episodes and their players.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Alessandro Soetje
Writers: Jorge Blanco, Alessandro Soetje
Producers: Alessandro Soetje
Key cast:

Total votes: 103

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