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S O S Halkidiki - Until the Last Drop of Blood


Green Patrol in Action team has come to Halkidiki in order to record the problem which has citizens of this Greek peninsula, because of future gold exploitation that will undertake Canadian company Eldorado Gold. It is the huge problem since it influences tourism, economy and natural beauties of Halkidiki. Canadian company Eldorado Gold is the only one who would have interest from the project realization.

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Green Patrol is highly mobile group for preventive and reactive action in the field of environmental protection. Green Patrol consists of students from the Faculty of Engineering, the Department of Environmental Engineering. Green Patrol`s main aim is to make visible environmental protection problems in order to contribute to its faster and more qualitative solving. Green Patrol operates on the territory of Serbia and invites citizens and environmental NGOs to register problems which result in environmental degradation and violation of citizens` life quality. You can register perceived problems on email

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Green initiative of Vojvodina
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