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RED THROUGH THE GLASS (wherever you go)


this is the story of the loss of a priest who questions on issues of faith and existence , acceptance of life and death , through a path between dream and travel . a film about ghosts , the dead and in the limbo of constant fade in which the loss where the music of the film replaces the words and where the other music , the one that you do not hear with your ears but with the body and eyes , accompanies the priest and the viewer . Is this my story? your story? the story of all?


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Alberto Tempi Writers: Alberto Tempi, Alessandro Tempi, Antonio Tempi, Deborah Romei Producers: Deborah Romei, Alberto Tempi Key cast: Massimo Currò, Tiberio Fuccini, Marian Schudt, Beatrice Salazar, Elli De Mon

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