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This is not a war story !! This is a story of a family that , like many others , had to abandon their homeland , not only because of the war itself , but because someone, somewhere and for obscure reasons, decided that was sinful for the blood of different faiths to mix.
This is Nina’s story, a daughter of these sins.
Young Nina passes her carefree childhood together with brother Damir, loved and cared by their parents, father Jusuf, a Muslim and mother , Vera , a Serbian Orthodox , under the protecting wing of adored grandmother Zumra.
When the war breaks out in 1992 , the family is forced to move to Serbia .
For fear of being recruited for the war , he didn’t want to combat , Jusuf decides to accept a humble job as a truck driver in Italy.
After a few years, Vera and the children join Jusuf in Italy, but nothing seems can fill the gap created between the two spouses during their separation. The family breaks apart , this time for good.
Nina stays with her father , while Vera and Damir take an apartment in immigrant housing.
From that moment life changes for everybody and becomes a continuous wandering between the harsh reality of the immigrant housing and the struggle with employees , for whom Vera works as a cleaning lady or assists the elderly. Nina is a beautiful young woman ! But ironically , her beauty has always proved to be an obstacle. Every time she finds herself surrounded by men, either immigrants , who consider her part of their squalid world or by employers who take advantage of her humble means and origins, she falls victim to sexual harassment and molestation.
Things go worse when she gets married. Nina continues to work to support her little family while her husband proves to be a slacker and a pathological liar who tries to kidnap their son and take him back to Serbia . Nina departs for Belgrade immediately to get her son, only to find the police, social services and a court order for a custody trial.
When her brother Damir gets arrested , suspected to have joined the army of Mujaheddin , Nina feels , thoroughly defeated.
Resigned to the reality, walking along the banks of the river Sava , Nina meets a girl with blue eyes and blonde hair , Tea. Is this the love of her life?
Encouraged by Nonna Zumra , Nina is finally ready to face the hostile world around her..

100 Pages
Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Bojana Sutic
Writers: Bojana Sutic
Producers: Bojana Sutic
Key cast:


Information for theatres: 

Student project: No
Completion date: 2017-11-30
Shooting format: Digital , Alexa
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Film color: Color
First-time filmmaker: Yes

Total votes: 588