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China's first gay fantasy film,a absurd film noir, is directed and played by li bin ,a 22-year-old director. There is no script during the shooting. All scenes and actors' lines are depend on director's on-site guidance. Filming takes only one day.Salute quentin tarantino. Occured in just one night, in the movie camera of the story is filled with stream of consciousness and handheld psychedelic photography style.The colour that uses montage and the jumpof sheer cut ,realism and surrealism, and experimental multiple variable screen more film have increased the dense of mystique in art. Soldiers Kang Qi has crushed on monitor Tang Shuai for years.Their relationship is hazy fantasy. Kang Qi comes to Tang Shuai's hometown Beijing on business, Running away because of marriage and family quarrels ,Tang Shuai lived in a hotel with Kang Qi.They have had a romantic night. Tang Shuai's fiance, small k, comes to the hotel,.Kang Qi peeks into small k and Tang Shuai's making love.Filled with envy, Kang Qi argues and fights with small k.Then Kang Qi leaves the hotel.He meets a mysterious moneyboy named Alex on the street.Kang Qi bring him back to the hotel. While Kang Qi is having ashower, Alex has the chance to steal Kang's money.Kang Qi threatens him to send to the police station by finding what Alex does, but Alex claims himself to be a god.Alex gives Kang Qi a bottle of water that can take Kang back in the past. Just then Tang shuai has came back.Time regresses and the world has degenerated.The truth of this story is beyond your observation.An inconceivable and magical night has jus begun.

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Directors: li bin Writers: li bin Producers: li bin Key cast: li bin, huang yuan yang, he chen chen, xu yu hui

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Student project: Yes Completion date: 2016-02-02 Shooting format: Aspect ratio: Film color: Black & White and Color First-time filmmaker: No

Total votes: 2719