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What happens when you look up? Take a leap and find where the lines between our everyday lives and the fantastical take flight. In mac/glidden’s psychedelic, awe-inspiring, and dance-filled music video “Mountains,” explore a new world that will leave you wanting more.

Screenings / Awards: 
  • Apr 2017 - Brooklyn Music Video Festival, USA

  • Jun 2017 - Grove Film Festival, USA

  • Jun 2017 - International River Film Festival, ITALY

  • Aug 2017 - Montreal International Animation Film Festival, CANADA

  • Aug 2017 - Sidewalk Film Festival, USA

  • Aug 2017 - Imaginaria Awards, ITALY

  • Aug 2017 - Brooklyn Music Week, USA

  • Sept 2017 - Semi-Finalist, Madrid Art Film Festival, SPAIN

  • Oct 2017 - KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival, NETHERLANDS

  • Nov 2017 -  Imagine This Women's International Film Festival, USA

  • Nov 2017 - Leeds International Film Festival, USA

  • Nov 2017 - Yonkers Film Festival, USA

Information for theatres: 

Run Time: 4 minutes

Aspect Ratio: 16:9, 1920x1080

CC currently available in English and Italian (additional languages may be added upon request)

Directed by: 
Laurie Berenhaus
Writing credits: 
Grant Glidden & Andy McCarthy
Starring & Choreography by Anne Marsen (TV’s “The Good Wife”, “Girl Walk // All Day”)
Produced by: 
Berenhaus Studios and mac/glidden
Music by: 
Grant Glidden & Andy McCarthy
Film Editing by: 
Laurie Berenhaus
Production Design by: 
Berenhaus Studios
Art Direction by: 
Laurie Berenhaus
Production Management: 
Berenhaus Studios
Other crew: 
Concept Art by Alice Johnson Musicians Grant Glidden - Lead Vocal, Guitar, Synthesizer Andy McCarthy - Vocals, Guitar Justin Aaronson - Drums Karl Kohut - Bass Lavinia Pavlish - Violin
Release Date: 
Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Official website:
Total votes: 18155