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Miro al cielo (I look to the sky)


A taciturn boy, a melancholic girl, a pop group in a local concert. They all are looking to the sky.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

We made our own narrative interpretation of the song "I look to the sky" by Gin Tonics Band Pop Rock Band.

Screenings / Awards: 
Official Selections Farcume Festival de Curtas-Metragems 
Lionshead Film Festival 
Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2015 
Short of the Month April 2015 
#TMFF - The Monthly Film Festival March 2015 
Tomacine 2014 - Tomatina Music & Film Festival "Mejor Cortometraje Videoclip"
Awards Best short-music video Tomatina Music & Film Festival 2014 
Audience Award - Short of the Month April 2015


Total votes: 5886

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