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Desperate for money and facing deportation from London, Valda is hired to find and retrieve a data card from a missing Task Handler who is presumed dead. Working off server 'MC7-1', her investigation leads to an old acquaintance 'Eartha' who is also a specialist Task Handler. Retrieving the data card is only the start of Val's troubles. Eartha is a woman who faked her own 

16 minutes
Information for the Audience: 

MC7-1 is a tech-thriller set in near-future London. It was shot anamorphically with a single lens. 


Information for theatres: 

The aspect ratio is 2.70:1 in a 1920x1080 format

Directed by: 
Martin Doyle
Writing credits: 
Martin Doyle
Melissa Clements - Valda Stessen Nina Hatchwell - Eartha Jean-Baptiste Fillon - Cunnaine
Produced by: 
Martin Doyle
Music by: 
Elliott Daniels
Cinematography by: 
Martin Doyle
Film Editing by: 
Martin Doyle
Other crew: 
Sound - Stewart Dugdale 1st AD - Gordon Warnecke
Release Date: 
Thursday, May 12, 2016
Official website:
Total votes: 1490