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Ambrose have lost everything that mattered to him. One day he takes a drastic decision that will change his life forever.

A short film about loss, depression and life

Information for the Audience: 

A very personal film from me. L.A.T.E. is my very first film project wich I created to tell my own story about depression. In many ways the main character is a reflection of my self back in 2008-2009, when I suffered from a deep depression. It have been a relife to finally be able to share this film and feelings with other.

Thank you so much for yor interest and a great thenks to the great team that helped make this film come true.


- Martin Skarregaard (Writter and Director)

Screenings / Awards: 

TMFF - Nominated to best film

London Digital Film Festival - runner-up

Information for theatres: 
Distribution budget: 
7000 DKK
Total votes: 7461