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LAJKOVAC -- When a mouse bites through a cable


Lajkovac is the municipality in Serbia, which has the largest financial income per capita. However, they facing with the problem of mixing wastewater and rainwater. It threatens the health of citizens and the environment. The problem is that the plant is made for wastewater treatment, but there is no sewerage system to the plant. Wastewater is discharged into the river Kolubara and endanger wildlife and the environment. Unbelievable but true! The factory was officially opened several times during the election campaigns. People are employed and they are paid, but they don’t come to work and the factory does not work. All this points to corruption.

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Directors: Ruža Helać Writers: Ruža Helać Producers: Ruža Helać Key cast:


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Student project: No Completion date: 2015-04-12 Shooting format: Aspect ratio: 4:3 Film color: Color First-time filmmaker: No

Total votes: 1295