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Jasper, a young, lovelorn inventor, strives to create a time machine in order to win back his ex-girlfriend. In the process, he meets Claire, a clever engineering student who takes interest in his work. When the machine fails and Jasper is out of ideas, he joins forces with Claire, who might just give him the chance he needs to invent time travel and fix his failed relationship.

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

Jasper is about a young inventor who strives to create a time machine in order to win back his ex-girlfriend. With the help of his spunky new flatmate, he might just have a chance. It is written and directed by Scarlett Urbano, produced by Anastasiya Chabanova and stars Joshua Garwood, Matilda Howe and Marie-Sophie de Felice. 

Screenings / Awards: 

2017 Mexico International Film Festival, Silver Palm Winner

2017 Awards Offical Selection

2017 Best Science Fiction Student Film London Independent Film Award Winner



Directed by: 
Scarlett Urbano
Writing credits: 
Scarlett Urbano
Joshua Garwood Matilda Howe Marie-Sophie de Felice
Produced by: 
Anastasiya Chabanova
Music by: 
José Pavli
Cinematography by: 
Natasha Creamer
Film Editing by: 
Scarlett Urbano
Production Design by: 
Evgenia Kalyabina
Art Direction by: 
Evgenia Kalyabina James ML Muller
Set Decoration by: 
Evgenia Kalyabina Scarlett Urbano
Costume Design by: 
Jasmin Ada Knox
Makeup Department: 
Sophie Tostevin Vicky Hughes
Release Date: 
Thursday, November 24, 2016
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