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Itchi - my path


As a child Vera Dobroschke had to find her own way through life while facing mysterious physical attacks. Her experiences of these attacks created a strong mental drive, through which Vera formed her unique approach to theatre and art. It was only at the age of 28 that these attacks finally were identified: Multiple Sclerosis.
The essay film ITCHI- MY PATH shows a mosaic of Vera Dobroschke’s memories. As a stage designer and art director we follow Vera's love and commitment for theatre. Vera cooperated with Robert Wilson who was her mentor and close friend for many years. The film reveals her life as an artist, wife, and warrior in a wheel chair. Vera is a beautiful extravagant lady, who is always inspired and supported by her husband's unobtrusive, deep love. Vera's paintings, drawings, sketches, and set designs create a mosaic of memories in a film that has it all: art, passion, humour, tragedy and wisdom. (Marianne Enzensberger)




Directed by: 
Verena Neumann
Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 27, 2019
Total votes: 406

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