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Heroes, like us


Heroes, Like Us

Will (38), divorced accountant who has a kind of a telescopic vision, furious because of numerous injustices in his life and society in general, decides to become hero in disguise. In his first action he beats up abusive man Josh, police inspector, who turns out to be right hand of businessman/criminal Viktor. Josh discovers Will’s identity and catches him. Will is rescued by a team of superheroes consisted of: French Maid, magically seductive woman, great at martial arts, Ironing Man – old ex Foreign Legion member armed with various electrical devices, and Falco – excentrical young man, with superhearing, dressed as famous Austrian pop-singer, very skilled in handling various types of batons. Will becomes a part of their team and together they fight crime and injustice. While intercepting a convoy of trucks they discover hidden cocaine. This draws attention of Viktor to them. Viktor, alleged charity worker, donates computers to schools around the country, uses his transporting network to smuggle cocaine in computer cases. However, Viktor is not omnipotent as it looks: Josh is his connection at the police but Viktor is in bad relations with Politician Bob who wants a part in his business. Viktor is not ready for that and with Josh’s help he discovers the identity of French Maid and Will. Viktor seduces French Maid, thus finding more about the group. Being arrogant and violent Viktor makes Josh his enemy. Josh anonymously informs the group of heroes about a new drug shipment. This action seriously damages Viktor’s finances and position in drug cartel. Viktor chases heroes who succeed to run away but the take Will’s son Gabriel hostage. Heroes attack Viktor’s headquarters, freeing Gabriel. Josh and Viktor go to jail. Superheroes bust Viktor out of prison because they become aware that the Politician is their biggest enemy and need Viktor’s help.

105 Pages
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Writers: Marko Nikolić, Aleksandar Novaković, Sonja Milošević
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Student project: No
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First-time filmmaker: No

Total votes: 725